Thursday, February 25, 2016

FOREIGN AFFAIRS by Stuart Woods ****

Stone Barrington is main character. At least this book he sticks to one woman he met on a plane they then become Fbuddies all over the globe until she gets kidnapped and happily for Stone who has other 'fish to fry' or women to bed, she doesn't really like him because he didn't rescue her fast enough. She wasn't intelligent enough to get on the main road from the fortress like structure and run down it at night or during the day. If she saw a vehicle what's to stop her from hiding or something, a cliff? I think if she valued her life and it was threatened by bad guys she'd risk a chance climbing down a bit on the rocks and waiting for a better moment to continue on.

I like readnig Woods, his stories go quickly, terse writing and characters distinguishable from each other but Stone is sort of a misogynist, he likes fucking women like usually different ones thru an entire novel. Glad he stuck to one till the end when he found the next flavor of the month. Not bad but get at library.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CHILDREN OF PARANOIA by Trevor Shane ****

I liked most of the story but there were niggling irritations that bugged me thru the entire thing. First off a secret group of people are good vs evil but you'll never know who is who. That's minor irritation #1. This doesn't seem like a well thought out story to me, at all.

There are these 2 groups of people hiding in the public; I think perhaps they are related (each group) and for some unknown reason (irritation #2) you'll never know why the fuck they're at war with each other. There are theories proposed and myths since this has been going on for generations, probably so thinned out after hundreds of years they aren't truly related any longer.

The war has rules. This is a really stupid part of the novel because really...rules? In a war? WTF?  Rule one is no one is killed under 18 yo, after that they're fair game. No killing innocent bystanders. Third rule is you can't have kids till you're 18 or the child is handed to the other "side". How do these stupid war people know about every birth in the world and why hand their own babies over to murderers who will teach their own children to murder? Please tell me that author. How can they stop stuff they'll never know? The claim is without rules is chaos and believe me it's already chaos.

How pure are the bloodlines after hundreds of years? Not frickin' very. If it wasn't so intriguing an idea I would have tossed it aside because you learn basically. NOTHING! About anyone. You learn NOTHING. About why there's a war. You learn NOTHING. About why this b.s. is still ongoing, supposedly they have had truces before but the other side reneged. Why? They must be the stupid group. Mostly it's kids who have lost family members to the  other side eager to kill the murderers. So if there are no murderers any longer it would ease off and stop.

So STORYLINE generally sucks. There are likable characters, ok action scenes and you puzzle your way thru hoping at some point an answer will tumble out of someone's frickin' mouth but that never happens. My bad, so sorry....Not quite enough information for 5 stars.

Monday, February 8, 2016


It's readable, I actually got thru 240 pages but it took me almost 2 weeks to read the damn thing. It's pretty boring in most places. Lots of references to 2 people in the lead character's life but no explanation how they died. NO LADY I did NOT read your first book so I'm stuck not knowing WTF you are referring to half the time.

Another freaking NON US citizen writing a crappy book, but this one at least drinks coffee. There are a lot of colloquiums I have no clue about what. The explanations can go on for an entire page. Lots of characters to learn. I'm done, not finished but not caring either.