Thursday, August 29, 2013

The WORLD OF THE END by Ofir Touche Gafla ***

Highly wordy and confusing mixed up bag of tricks about the afterlife. This guy likes Shakespeare and Salman Rushdie and all kinds of discussions about them ensue, he likes making his characters philosophize page by boring page. The few incidents that actually forward a story is so convoluted it's sometimes difficult to follow.

If you knew half the crap in the middle you wouldn't be so amazingly distant from what the hell is going on. Very hard to decipher and I don't got that kind of time. If you like to take your time diagnosing every page for nuances of shit to come then this is the book for you. Not me so much. Didn't really care for it. Blah.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

DEEPLY ODD by Dean Koontz *****

I would definitely buy the book, this is about Odd Thomas and his adventures with the underworld that he and few others can see. Some children are in jeopardy by cultists of some kind and his mission with some helpful near supernatural people is to save the children without dying or any of them being hurt.

There are monsters, ghost dogs, Alfred Hitchcock, scary people who worship the underworld to an extent that they don't deserve to live. At one point Odd is shot in the throat and how he lives is a mystery right to the end of the book. Or was he shot at all?

There is another world, we cannot see that is cruel, gray and frightening only a few can see it or survive it. Lots of action, adventure and always strangeness that is Dean Koontz's vision only he knows how to tell. Very good reading, could hardly put it down. Thanks!

Monday, August 19, 2013

NO REGRETS, COYOTE by John Dufresne

No stars. What a bunch of bullshit. You jump from one ridiculous scene to the next. Nonsensical and nothing to do with solving a murder, just stupid ass insane people talking to more stupid ass insane people. I got to page like 100 and I just can't stand it anymore. Senseless dumb crap. Wrong drinks, dementia father, guy seems gay but supposedly isn't, no murder mentioned beyond the second chapter far as I know. It's all drinking and patting each other on the back. Yahoo. BYE

Saturday, August 17, 2013

SHE CAN TELL by Melinda Leigh ****

This is more a romance novel than anything else. I thought it sounded on the back like a mystery but not really. Most of the men are big and hunky or big and mean. One or the other no techy geeks or anything. Mostly your rugged beat everyone up types. The cop vs the boss of him was political b.s. and no one really knows the ending of the big building lot going up or not near the lake. That must be the mystery. Still is.

So Rachel and her sister who gets beat up by her drunk husband now and then (she claims only the one time, as do they all) and sister Sarah has kids whom you don't really ever see, or hear kind of kids right? But 3 stars for the obnoxious little dog who can solve crimes and lead everyone to bad guys.

Chief Mike becomes Rachel's boyfriend and lots of naked scenes going on in here altho poor little Rachel has been hurt before and her heart isn't up for grabs like it used to be. She was also hurt badly in a fall off a horse during a jumping competition, the author knows something about riding and horses needless to say, must have some.

Anywho as the book goes on, the clothing comes off, the cop is fired and has a friend build the girlfriend a fortress no one can break into and yet with cops watching out for her etc. Her barn gets burned down and all are forced out of the 'safe' house into the gloom of night and killers lurking all over the property. The end. :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

THE BIG EXIT by David Carnoy ***

For me there were too many characters, esp. for the length of the book, smallish. A long time ago someone fell asleep in a car, Richie-called by his first name, there was an accident and other people were hurt or killed or whatever. Then he gets out of jail, his old buddy, McGregor called by his last name, who was in the car with him, who he swears switched him from passenger to drivers seat is the one driving and got in the accident altho he did the jail time.

I really have no idea why McGregor wants to kill himself aside from not wanting to divorce his wife and give her some of his money, so anyways they find a body assuming that's who it is and the rest is crappy police work trying to figure out whether or not Richie killed McGregor or not to get even with spending time in jail. McGregor also married his old girlfriend.

There were lawyers, his help, cops up the yin yang, news reporters, company people and blahblahblah that didn't really interest me all that much. I really don't like an over population in my reading material, makes it hard to fall asleep and pick up again not knowing who is who all over again. Also not many of the people had distinct personalities except a couple, like Richie cuz he sang at night like Frank Sinatra, and maybe the ex girlfriend Beth. The rest were only names on paper to me.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

JUNKYARD DOGS by Craig Johnson **

This is a drug related murder mystery, sounds like it has potential right? It's still a mystery even tho I read it. Too many people to keep track of and some of them have multiple names he calls them by so it's ridiculously difficult to keep up with the characters. Far as I can tell one person: Saizarbitoria, The Bear, Henry, The Cheyenne Nation. Another person: Sancho, The Basquo, Saizarbitoria, Santiago. There are more people that have more than one name like his female cop.

I don't get it, what the hell is with all the names for one person? I just can't keep up. Plus there are more people who get labeled with other name shit.

Oh and it's so a) stupid b) lacks creativity c) Irritating to name his dog DOG. DUH. Only idiot with no spark of intelligence name their dog DOG.

I read it, it was tolerable and just passed readable but it's very difficult to know who the fuck who the fuck is. Good luck on your name adventure.

The sheriff has got multiple injuries due to his intelligent understanding of crime. Haha.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

AGENDA 21 by Glen Beck & Harriet Parke *****

This is a very interesting story about a law written to protect the land, animal species and the ocean for which all pollution is blamed on humans around the world. Authority figures want to stop humans from destroying the planet and have them working on bikes, living in cement blocks, appointing husbands/wives and ordering them to have children to produce their own energy which no one knows what it's used for.

If you are a slacker you die, the children don't thrive because they're removed from parents and taught only stuff to preserve the agenda of the authorities. Environmentalists have really gone overboard in getting this thru the UN laws I believe it is and altho the book is fiction- in the future it has possibilities of becoming real. Humans are over populating the world and using it's resources faster than the planet  can deal with what is taken from it.

Your own opinion is what matters in this regard not mine. I urge you to read the book and Agenda 21. Might give you nightmares and it is in force already. Some stuff in the book is repetitive but basically it's a good story to tell, with lessons we should actually learn from.

This book leans a little towards panic, everybody panic so take it with a grain of salt.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

DON'T GO by Lisa Scottoline **

Mildly interesting, nothing special here. Coulda dropped it for a month got back and still nothing would be happening.

Some chick's husband was in Afghanistan, lost his arm, came home. She stabbed herself accidentally while drunk and bled to death before he got home and they had a baby her sister took custody of supposedly temporarily. Lawyer husband writes daddy out of the project, but Lisa still thinks he's a nice guy at the end.

I guess you're supposed to think sister and husband are mean for keeping him from his own daughter. He couldn't figure out why she cried whenever he saw her, probably cuz miss sister was pinching her. That woulda made it more interesting but nope. NOT EVEN THAT!! Really everyone turns out to be so pleasant and nice and goody goody only doing what's right for baby.

So he had an oxy issue going on due to the limb pain, finds out his wife was having an affair and got knocked up. And here you're going why the fuck doesn't someone check DNA and find out whose baby it is? WHY? So ask yourself that thru the entire book and you'll never get the answer but the person who's the daddy goes and kills her best friend who he must have thought knew who he was. There wasn't proof of that anywhere. The husband found a gold bracelet and saw one on the guys wife TA-DA solved.

I'm not used to this boring type of writing. Sorry I picked it up. Even sorrier I finished it. I was actually thinking something interesting would happen. NOT.