Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THREE GRAVES FULL by Jamie Mason ***

This wasn't a murder mystery per se, it was more you know who did what and have to go thru the b.s. in their lives along with them for the consequences of what they did.

To start with I didn't like or feel compassion for anyone at all in the book cept the dog.
The people were liars, killers, stupid, oafish, living in a world of their own. One guy hits a chick over the head with a shovel, she knows he did it and yet she helps him get out of trouble for a murder he committed. We never know if the killer who was the previous owner the house where bodies show up- got busted for stealing his twins' life taking welfare or disability checks. So much is still balls in the air never landing.

I didn't really like the book at all. Mostly because there wasn't anyone sympathetic to speak of. Maybe the cop's wife but she was so flighty it almost doesn't count. The dog was nice enough. The people were jerks. So so for me.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

REMEMBER AMELIA by Kimberly McCreight *

Well the type is kind of small. There are tons of useless person descriptions. I mean geez, paragraph after paragraph of everyone's life history. Unnecessary waste of my time. If the nanny doesn't live there anymore I don't want her life story or how long she was there or who the fuck misses her. Big deal. Just say, her childhood nanny was vetoed by Amelia. THE END.

So then I have to read about all the lead character's lawyer work, her friends, her co-workers, how she went to law school. How she dealt with her pregnancy unmarried. And BTW one of the worst parents I ever heard of. She chose a child over abortion I would think she should give her child all her attention instead of leaving her to cope with teenage life alone. DUH. Once you decide to have a kid, you have a kid! Not a career 45 mins from home/school etc.

Do you not understand McCreight that EVERY frickin word is to move the story forward? You delay and delay and I got so sick of it I stopped reading. Not a fan.

Friday, November 22, 2013

LET ME GO by Chelsea Cain *****

Awesome edge of the seat story telling. The villain is evil and the main character is somewhat in love with her. Apparently she's pretty hot but she's also a killer.

So there's an FBI undercover guy, a Halloween party, some females and Archie the detective who is half in love with the killer female. The party gets pretty messy once it's over. Lots of murders and death, another serial killer Gretchen who sort of helps Archie find the male serial killer after she stabs him in the stomach. Nice girlfriend. Lots of sex stuff gone wrong in here. Hookers, pole dancing etc.

It's hard to put down because you don't want to feel like you're lost when you pick it up again. There's way too much going on all the time.

Really good moving story and the characters seemed real, weren't too many to keep track of and I liked it a lot. Would buy it.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EVIL EYE by Joyce Carol Oates ***

This is a book with three short stories in it. The first one had something to do with a 4th marriage and someone missing an eye or not. Stupid. I can't even remember the other two they were kind of forgettable. No real endings to the last one I remember that much.
It gets you to sleep and the stories are short so not a huge waste of your time. Not too many characters. So so for me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The GOLIATH STONE by Larry Niven & M.J.Harrington

I am on page 50 and have no idea what the hell I'm reading at all. Something about nano particles making decisions and dividing themselves, eating each other, having a computer brain telling them what to do. Back on earth nothing much I can figure out here either. Lots of people, fake names or too many of them. I don't know.

Hated it really did. I tried to 'get into it' but was confused over and over again. Once you're in 2025 then you're in 2052, then back and then forth and then back and then forth. I give up. Even the way people speak is absurd.
Done with it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The HOMECOMING by Carsten Stroud *

Wow, I didn't read the first book so this one was nonsense to me. Utter stupid nonsense. Here are names you must learn up to page 9: John Parkhurst, Mogan Littlebasket, Thad Llewellyn, Inge Llewellyn, Nick Kavanaugh, Beau Norlett, Mavis Crossfire, Tig, Dillion, Delia Cotton, Gray Haggard, Kate Walker, Twyla, Bluebell, Coker. Continuing on to page14: Zachery Dak, Mark Hopewell,  Edgar Luckinaugh, Boonie Hackendorff, Byron Dietz, Beth, Reed Walker, Marty Coors, Linus Calder, Axel, Hannah. That's 24 names in half as many pages. Dumb ass names BTW. Somebody shoot me! Shoot me NOW!!

So I am half thru the miserable confusing stupid ass book. Nothing at all makes sense to me. People disappeared in a mirror, which is covered in a blanket in someone's house; people who are supposedly involved somehow in the story from the early 1900s, Rainey, Axel are two kids and no one really knows how old Rainey is, even himself. It's just so far off that I think writer needs medication. Serious meds. And a nice quiet corner.

I really have to stop now I can't stand it anymore. It's pure unadulterated torture for me. I don't care about anyONE in the story. I don't give a flying fuck who lives or dies or what Chase Run, Tallulahs Wall, Upper Chase Run, Crater Sink, Armory Bridge, and more people. I just GIVE UP. DONE. OVER. If I owned it I'd burn the sucker.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BRIDGET JONES, Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding ****

I was burning pages I was reading so fast. Each page doesn't really contain many words, lots of space between some paragraphs it's a fast read for sure. So there were some times I was in bed trying to read before falling asleep and I began giggling because Bridget is so "duh" about things in general. I like the stupid sex scenes with her boy toy as Americans call them not the other way round "toy boys"? What is that? Robot?

The killing of her husband was pretty slick, writer is one trick pony. She does stupid sex, wanting sex, watching other couples and wishing for sex, while superficial friendships abound. Didn't like the dead husband angle (killing off Mark Darcy) much the story goes from widowhood to fucking a tween half her age. Again she falls in love or is it lust?  If the original Mark died we are OVER being in love, and dripping for sex are we not? Isn't there something else we are supposed to learn about Bridget aside from sex? What was marriage like? I made this up to keep last names in order for high school tests: "Romeo and Juliet a Montague and Capulet, both are lovers never to see what living together would really be." by ME.  Story is the same old same old. Just like reading the first one over again. Author says she has "moved on" from the first marriage angle of the book but then goes and continues it all over again in this one. Same shit different names.

So there are terms which are incomprehensible: "Spagbog"? HUH??? Sounds like something coming out the rear end of a dog but they eat it. Then we have "sledging"? Which IRL is sledding? Duh. I guess they can shag on their sledges then, no?  How can Bridget fit '2 sledges and children INSIDE her car? Would that be a sledge HAMMER?? What kind of sledges are we talking about? Little saucer type things? Regular size sleds? WTF? Maybe she drives a Hummer or something. When going sledging why does one wear goggles? WTF is that all about? Gee I wish I knew English. (So glad the tea went into Bahston Habah.)

Here's a nice indecipherable sentence for all you Americans out there "I haven't got any summer events to go to or a fascinator." Pray tell what the fuck is a fascinator? Fastener? Like a snap or zipper? What the fuck? A huge battery operated dick? Fascinator?

So if you slide or glide over the Queens English pretending you understand, it's a quick funny read and I might suggest buying but try library first. The entire time I pictured Rene Zellweger in the role so it was good for me but nothing new but 2 children.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The CURIOSITY by Stephen P. Kiernan *****

This is a really good read with some twists and turns. I had a hard time putting it down. A guy is discovered in "hard ice" and a crew of scientists want to see if they can reanimate him out of the ice as they have done with shrimp and krill. But the lower life forms have a life expectancy of a few minutes so making this frozen ice guy live for longer than a month is a question no one can answer till the end of the book and the ending is a little ambiguous. A reasonable cure is found to keep him alive but he rides off into the sunset on a boat with his newly screwed scientist crying on shore.

Now for one thing the author gets into what this guy is eating way too late for me. Also they NEVER find one living relative. Now his wife had a family and so did he I would think unless all parents, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents of both wife/husband are all dead. Sort of unrealistic in that respect. So I was unhappy with that aspect of the story.

The fact this mega intelligent scientist Philo (weird name) screws him is another matter because he's from the early 1900s and has a different outlook on easy carefree sex so I don't think in my wildest dreams he would be fucking her. And WTF is she doing by screwing the experiment? Sure he's human etc so lets find some RELATIVES for heaven's sake and go screw someone else that's not 100 yrs old and newly reanimated, k? Desperate much?

Otherwise I thought it was fascinating and unique for a book idea and it was well written with characters you felt you knew. I recommend the book, and even go buy it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

HUNTING EVE by Iris Johansen **

Man another dose of sleeping pills here. It's so much talking, thinking, doing of nothing, like filler for a pillow with very little story line. In a nutshell Eve still has to make a sculpture of some raving lunatics son. The end.

Page 299 "No one protects anyone but Eve." OMG she is all that and a bag of chips. On the cover is some body holding a gun yet Eve never has killed anyone, she's mostly wimpy and always in jeopardy making everyone else around her risk their lives to save her. The end was an explosion and oh my god Eve was in the building when it happened...could she...really....could she be....I only wish...could she be dead???? LOL

NO ENDING. THE END. Another one.

Monday, November 4, 2013

TAKING EVE by Iris Johansen ***

Wow, my precious precious Eve gets nabbed by a maniac who (hahahaha) wants her to sculpt his dead murderous son's head. I can't help laughing thru most of this book. Girl talks to feral cats, dogs living longer than supposed to, CIA and FBI morons hiding criminals because of some stupid tapes Doane/Haller(?) uses for blackmail but the CIA can't get them altho they are hiding him in a safe house. From the safe house he kidnaps poor Eve who is beloved by her ghost daughter, her boyfriend or husband Joe, her adopted daughter plain Jane, Margret, Caleb who is so addictive to Jane she creams her jeans over him all the time but is scared of him at the same time.

People do NOT talk as portrayed in the book, it makes everything so childish and inane. It's like watching a movie and just before anyone gets shot they have time to spill their guts, then something switches order and the guy gets arrested. Like TV drama shows. So dramatic all thru the book, "She whirled on Venable (CIA), and said fiercely, 'It could have been Eve damn you Venable. Joe said you know more about this than you're telling him. You talk to us.'" LOL

Most of the characters are either so good they wear angel halos or so bad and cunning they can kill with the thrill of a hunter. This whole thing is unbelievable. Literally. Don't like it much I think it's for teenagers or something. Not for adults that's for sure.

This book has no ending you must buy or borrow the next book to see what happens. Drama, drama, drama and all the queens you need. I shall continue on the second book cuz like an idiot I picked it up with this one. Reading till I get to the library again. Woe is me. There is no ending to this book, must be the same publisher for Robin Cook.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

W IS FOR WASTED BY Sue Grafton **

::Yawn:: I don't know what it is about this novel that was terribly boring for me. Could have been the dozens of characters involved, a bunch of names to memorize, or the descriptions of people's lives from birth onwards in some cases. I didn't really have a cohesive picture in my head of anyone but Henry, the cat and Kinsey. But I've read a lot of her novels and maybe that's why the 2 humans stood out.

On page 306 she has a flat tire that has been punctured on the side near the rim. Now that happened to me as well and no mechanic can "fix" that, you need a new tire. Tires can only be fixed by a plug if the hole is on the part riding on the road.

At the end Kinsey ends up with one of her "relatives" moved in with Henry and we never see the end of that. I have NO CLUE why that girl, Anna, was in the novel at all. WhyTF did she move in with Henry and WTF was her purpose for being there at all? She was a hastily sketched person with barely a personality and I can't see why she followed Kinsey home. WTF???

For such a large book the story had a lot of time to WASTE before hinting at the very slow moving story line. So I can see where the title came from. WASTE of paper. Was a fan, thinking of moving on. I just didn't get it with all the stupid characters, drunks, bums, doctors, research, bad medicine, nothing showing up in the autopsies not even the bad drug that supposedly killed 3 people. So I'm just gonna go hit up the grand marnier and get myself wasted cuz this was over bearing boredom FOR ME.