Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ONE DOG NIGHT by David Rosenfelt ***

Story is about a lawyer defending an innocent guy. You got your minimum courtroom scenes, lots of murder to hide the real reason people are being framed and killed for a fire that killed 26 poeple 6 yrs ago. Lots of people, judges, lawyers, etc are involved in the badness which has something to do with some land and a mine on the land. I'm at the part where they loaded the underground crap onto a truck and are about ready to ship it. The verdict hasn't come in yet on the not guilty party.
Lots of people, FBI, reg. cops, lawyers and all his friends, some nice doggies and lots of murder. There was always a lot going on. Andy Carpenter gets laid by his wife about nightly which would put him above average on the sex scale but they're not married, only been together for a long time. I don't know. Anyways it was so so. If I missed picking it up at the library I wouldn't have been disappointed or anything. It was something to read but it took awhile before I cared about what I was reading.
Ok library find. Well written, no past crap to contend with from previous books so I liked that about it.
Your turn.

Monday, February 27, 2012

NOW YOU SEE HER by Patterson & *****

Easy to read, good story line, likable main character. He actually does have a good point of view when first person is female. Very few men have that ability. His stories are so basic, easy to read, fast to get thru, no million characters, no previous book to understand the one you're reading.
Economy of words. Really always like reading Patterson. When I go to the library I'm always afraid I'm picking up a book I've read before but he's very prolific with all his helpers and writes a lot of books.
This was new to me and I enjoyed it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

SHUT YOUR EYES TIGHT by John Verdon *****

This was a well written mystery with serial killers, child molesters, the child slavery thing with heads cut off and all kinds of other gory neat stuff.
I liked the characters, altho the lead Gurney was kind of passionless or unconcerned about his relationship with his wife. They both had issues with each other and never discussed anything remotely personal except when the wife went apeshit that a killer had been in their home.
So quite a few murderers involved, quite a few bad girls involved from a psycho ward and the parents who actually committed them to get them out of the house. The girls had a LOT wrong with them. Of course the killers had even MORE wrong with THEM.
I like this type of psychological thriller. It was a page turner but sometimes too deep and confusing to just read for hours. You have to put it down, think about other stuff for awhile and come back to it. Very involved.
Buy it and take your time. Worth it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

HOT WIRE by Alex Kava ***

I can assure you this has been mentioned before I found it on page 172 "Digestive tracks" which I take to mean digestive TRACTS. Used wrong a couple times.
I get to a chapter about "Ali had the stomach flu. That was all Mary Ellen thought it was. It was her reason blahblah for not calling the dad and telling him sooner." First: I thought it had something to do with the current story line. NOPE. Second: I don't GAS about some past event from another book. DO NOT CARE. Lots of that going around in the novel. She was scared to climb under the porch cuz it reminded her of the time she was trapped in a cave OR whatever the fuck.
Lots of people and I didn't do a very good job keeping track (tract) of them, and I didn't want to. Too many cops, too many speciality guys, too many bad people and I only half understood what the hell happened to poison kids, or electrocute people. Not explained well enough for my little pea brain.
Ok library find but geez, read at one sitting and keep a log of people. Don't try taking a nap between or you'll pretty much lose 'tract' of all the good/bad guys and surprises or whatever you want to call them. I was sort of confused at the end.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

THE FIFTH WITNESS by Michael Connelly*****

Very well written court case. You get to meet the defense team, the woman on trial, all kinds of twists and turns going on. You become very familiar with all the characters and fall into their lives. It's your typical court case, trial story. If you like reading about trials, evidence, back and forth with the prosecutor and judge you'll be in heaven.
I liked it a lot and recommend reading it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

RED MIST by Patricia Cornwell *****

You get what you expect, a Scarpetta novel with blood, bodies, mystery, murder and mayhem. She's very much a part of this novel and that's one reason I liked it better than the last one. She's out doing stuff by herself, analyzing and thinking which makes it truly a Kay novel. She's the lead character and I like to see her in the lead. It's not that I don't like her neice or husband but they aren't to me, what I read the book for.

So a killer on death row (female) lures Kay to help her prove her innocence or that of someone else on death row and lots of discoveries are made that make her doubt some facts and she has to pretty much start from scratch and hope no one has a gun trained on her back.

I liked it a lot.

Monday, February 6, 2012

END OF DAYS by Robert Gleason **

This book is way too overpopulated for me to read. There are too many 'groups' of people doing different stuff to obtain nuclear crap or to find it or to prevent it being found. Very conspiracy oriented.
Too many poeple, too much b.s. to read (for me) some people may like it a lot with all the Mecca, former lover, spies, Mad Vlad and all kinds of buttons to push to end the world.
Since I had "Red Mist" by Cornwell sitting by waiting for me to read I just tossed this one aside and moved along.
Not my style. It started off ok, then went downhill and I lost interest.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

77 SHADOW STREET by Dean Koontz ***

I had a lot of trouble getting involved in this very confusing story line. Mostly narrative (95%), and often boring or repetitive. You get chapters of people and then their stories. They all live at the Pendleton hotel. Which has had a bloody murderous past. How that relates to the future story line I got no clue. Did these things happen by future travel as well? How when they occured hundreds of yrs ago? I AM CONFUSED.

Some scientist living in the building works with nano particles and changes the future somehow. So this building has been traveling to the future every 38 years starting in the 1800s (why? I haven't got a frickin clue) and this time you get to see these people dealing with what they experience in the future. People die,  people are heroic, people do a lot of stuff. Mostly causing all the chaos to begin with. In my humble opinion people suck is what I got from it all but I'm already leaning there anyways so I'm sure it's unintended.

So wrapping it up: too much narrative, too much boring "WTF" is happening stuff, there are of course a crazy musician in the house, a song writer, a scientist, 2 old bats with cats, autistic kid, another kid. Kids who try to save the day or have important visions that try to save the day. Famous people, the upper crust of the crust.

I wasn't bowled over by the book. It was so-so far as I can tell. Ok library find.