Wednesday, August 16, 2017

R IS FOR RICOCHET by Sue Grafton ****

Picked this up for 50 cents at a yard sale, wasn't sure if I'd read it but I didn't. The story centers mostly around a) she gets laid & b)a girl named Reba who just gets out of jail and creates all kinds of havoc that Kinsey allows. She allows her to 'command" her to leave her purse behind and duh Kinsey has no idea why. WHY?? Cuz dummy Reba wanted to sneak back and steal 25 thousand bucks. Takes a genius.

She quotes a sign "Tattoos & Piercing done while you wait" which is a well known stupid thing about you have to wait any frigging way if they're tattooing unless you have removable body parts.

It took me a really really long time to read for some reason. I think I had a busy 2 weeks and didn't get much opportunity to read. There are a lot of names and situations to remember and when you're falling asleep sometimes you need to re-read some pages to keep up.

I thought it was ok, not one of her best but good reading anyway, nice book to take to the beach with you.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The BROKEN WINDOW by Jeffery Deaver ****

This was a quick read but a long one. There are a lot of narrative pages, some not really necessary to the storyline.

What I'm perplexed by is that Lincoln Ryme calls his girlfriend, Ameilia Sachs - Sachs. If that were my boyfriend I think I would insist he call me Amelia, or Ame or anything but my last name. I also am really not fond of new guys I meet calling me "babe" or "honey" because it's an obvious 'tell' they don't want to remember your name-they are serial daters.

The story line is a large data mining company has a killer in it's midst and Lincoln and his pals have to figure out which employee it is. The data is very expensive-in this story you wouldn't want these companies to know EVERYthing about you. They know where you are by your phone, where you've been by street or home cameras and can get this information without permission of the source. When you see the list of stuff they have on Amelia you'll be shocked. They (big brother) is truly watching you. Scary stuff to think about, they want your buying habits, food habits, routines, everything. And it's not hard to find-supposedly.

Like the story, lots of characters to remember from page to page but if Lincoln would call the female screwing him by her first name I'd be happier.