Friday, January 23, 2015

The BEES by Laline Paull

Ok, some stupid book about what it's like to be a bee but the author isn't very good at putting you in the story. She's completely oblivious to a reader who needs to understand what the fuck she's writing about. This one bee named Flora goes from one part of a hive to another. Crap happens around her and for some reason she's either blamed for it or part of it, or something I have no clue. That's what is unexplained.

Someone has crumpled wings so the bee police are looking for this nasty bee and Flora does what? I have no clue but she wakes up in some other part of the hive. She keeps moving around in places she's not supposed to be either with permission or not I have no clue about that either.

Sounds like someone's poorly described dream in which you just can't wait till they finish so you glance at your phone, pretend someone is calling you and run like hell before the dream ends.

Did not like. I think this author thinks she's imitating Richard Adams who wrote Watership Down but um...NO.

SISTER'S GRAVE by Robert Dugoni *****

This is a pretty good page turner. I read during commercials it was so good. Lots of tension going on. Tracy's sister died about 20 yrs ago and someone recently found her grave. She had to have been placed there when the area was flooded intentionally.

Tracy is a cop now, her mom and dad I think are both passed away.There is evidence that has been fabricated and it put this guy Edmund House in the slammer for the twenty years and her ex-boyfriend is a lawyer who gets him off on the fabricated 'evidence' and no one in town will talk to Tracy about what happened or why.

She feels vindicated getting the 'innocent' guy out of prison but things start to change and as she searches for the real killer most of the townspeople keep their mouths shut which makes her even more suspicious.

Lots of twists and turns in the book, the ending is a nice surprise I recommend buying it if you like murder mysteries.

Monday, January 19, 2015

THE ESCAPE by David Baldacci ****

Some guy got framed and he worked for the gov't. He was some kind of genius and his brother wasn't local at the time and couldn't help him. So anyways, I don't really know how he is/was connected to this terrorist scheme a bunch of other gov't employees had going on. That's about what the book is about. Lots of personalities to read about, tons of moving around and asking people questions cuz the jailed guy killed his killer and escaped prison which no one has done before in this particular prison.

I personally wasn't invested in the storyline. I don't really care much about gov't employees and where they go or what they do or where they eat and sleep and what their houses look like. I'm sure there are some people who are spies working for the gov't, this book mentioned Snowden who's a squealer living in Russia now. Good for him hope he likes electric blankets.

Without some spying going on no one would trust anyone else and all hell would break loose I suppose. This isn't really a type of book I'd reach for but it was on the best seller list so thought I'd give it a shot. Not one of my favorites.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The GOOD SUICIDES by Antonio Hill **

I can't say much about it because it was so slow going and monotonous with the character descriptions, narratives and boring backstory of everyones life I only read up to 100 pages and can't imagine it gets any more exciting than catching a fingernail on something.

Boring, I never cared what good suicides vs bad ones was all about I guess god doesn't like suicide no matter what reason and author is setting up examples of why some suicides are good? Yeah don't ask me cuz I'm clueless.

Friday, January 9, 2015

SHARP OBJECTS by Gillian Flynn ***

This one is a real mystery or full of confusing psychological idiots. It's basically about a little girl killer, that strangles and poses 13 yo's bodies yanking teeth. The tooth fairy? LOL There are never any clues, you are not invited into the police world at all. There's some weirdo main character named Camille. She lost a sister when young, now her mom remarried and there's this totally obnoxious pampered little bitch named Amma. Mr. Dad has nothing to do with family, he's just a warm body with no personality whatsoever. He has no role in the novel.

Camille isn't just a 'cutter' which would make her bipolar, she's psychotic as the rest of the crew in the novel. She carved words all over her body with a razor or whatever and is now ashamed of herself for it. There is no background on the WHY of this b.s. I guess it makes the bitch an oddball choice of a main character with words carved all over her body. She's wishy washy and stupid in most places. I mean really dumb. She doesn't solve anything and when her mom gives her stuff to drink and she suspects it's poison she drinks it. Like WHAT THE F*CK? She's dumber than a rock. She hasn't lived at home in years so why such an easy target for bad mommy?

She fucks a reporter with clothing on, then fucks some kid who lost his sister to the recent killings who is 10 yrs younger than she is and let HIM see her naked with the scars of words all over.

All the teeny boppers are druggies with pills and drunks as well. They're all under 13 with huge mature breasts and are provocative probably sexually active morons with blonde hair.

If Camille is in therapy for the cutting you'd never know it by reading this book. Everyone in the book is a potential moronic killer. Dumb as rocks. Most of them are off the charts nutso.
Didn't get it, didn't really like it much. Lots of dying people in here. I wrote a book (Backyard Dog) with animals telling their life story and so many wussy crybabies won't read it but they'll read this garbage with dead children. Contradiction much? Obviously she's a friend of S.King cuz he did a quote on the back of the book.

GRAY MATTERS by John Grisham ***

Time travel back to 2008 and Samatha is a big time broker for the stock market. She loses her job and goes from NY to a country law practice becoming a lawyer for people who have no money with a few others in the practice. 90% of the time you do not stop hearing how much she HATES the job DESPISES the small town.

Her new boss is married so she has a fling with his younger jailbird brother. This is in Appalachia and has tons of info on coal mining and black lung disease. It's information in that regard people against neighbors selling out mountain tops for strip mining, which causes slurry which causes cancer in the drinking dirty water which washes down onto the town during heavy rains.

So does Samantha decide to go back to NY where she's more comfortable and has normal type frieds or does she prefer the Appalachia inbred alcoholics? The ending is puzzling. There is a lot of boring narrative spots here and there, esp. when she's walking someplace.

I would borrow it. Not an edge of the seat murder mystery or anything altho people do die you know who did it throughout the novel. Probably fact based in some areas. Not my reading preference so only 3 stars. You may like it better if you like Grisham and Mt. Peoples.

Friday, January 2, 2015

REVIVAL by Stephen King ****

Ok, reason not a 5 star is due to religion all throughout the book. For some reason horror novels always end up religious--good vs bad. This one was sort of an eerie afterlife so it wasn't all what most religious crap is about, it gives a different perspective. After reading it you sure don't want to die. LOL

He makes the books easy reading most of the time, people have character and are different which isn't easy to do. I don't know why the main character believes he was fated to become attached to this older reverand but I guess that's what makes this a King book. I don't think anyone in real life thinks that way. I sure don't want to have S.King's dreams. No thanks.

I would get it at the library but if too many people have it reserved I wouldn't hesitate to buy it if you like King.