Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I enjoyed reading this and it has a futuristic premise about AI, or intelligent, self aware software programs. There are some well build characters, relationships are well thought out, easy to pick out the good/bad guys.

I had trouble putting the book down because the AI (Melissa was working for NASA) was created to live on a moon around Saturn and because Melissa gave it autonomy it really didn't want the job and escaped by blowing up a test site she was placed in, it was a hostile environment. Then she traveled the internet, being abused online etc.

Finally after all she learned she was ashamed of her earlier behavior blowing up a building and killing some people. She was being searched by Melissa and some guys who used software to beat the system of betting on stocks. They wanted her because she had intelligence and their own program wasn't fast enough.

Very good reading. I would buy it, and did at Dollar General for 3 bucks! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

KILLER by Jonathan Kellerman *****

This is an Alex Delaware novel. I like the descriptions and people cuz I've been reading about them for a long time. The Sykes family is having issues with a new born baby and custody battles. One of the sisters to the mother of the baby was brutally killed as was a cop and 2 old boyfriends of the mom. So that's the basic set up.

Everytime they get a lead on someone he or she ends up dead. Finally at the end you get details of what happened and why. Like it a lot.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

DANCE OF DEATH by Preston & Child *****

This was a page turner for me. I hated falling asleep because I was afraid I'd lose my place. This has Pendergast and he's having a lot of trouble with his supposedly dead brother Diogenes. So by the end it's difficult to know wether Pendergast IS Diogenes.

I found it really puzzling and things happened quick. It's very intriguing.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

PRAYING FOR SLEEP by Jeffery Deaver *****

This book is a fast paced story. Begins with an escaped prisoner who is huge and is blamed for a few murders on his way to Lis who lives about 4 hrs or so from the hospital where he escaped from. Michael, the mental patient, knows her from 6 months ago and is determined to get to her house to approach her.

Lots of police and trackers, plus her husband Owen are all trying to track Michaels trail and he gets closer and closer to Lis. There a lot of red herrings and side stories with Lis and her sister Portia, plus who cheated on who. No one really knows what Michael is talking about because he's not clear in his thinking.

Without giving away stuff, you'll want to page turn this sucker without falling asleep. It's hard to put down for sure. I really liked it. Picked it up at a yard sale so it may be an older book but a very good one.