Saturday, March 29, 2014

RED 1-2-3 by John Katzenbach ****

I liked the book but not on my top ten, it wasn't hard to get into at all, minimal characters and they all had distinct personalities. I didn't really 'bond' with anyone in particular. The writing is easy flowing and has good descriptions. It's about a writer/serial killer who has never been a suspect in the long long time he's been a famous writer? Hmmm. Dumb cops all the killings are done to be a book he writes and what....nobody reads them and connects them, even tho he changes minor details?  Instead of a 4 year old he writes about, he kills an 8 yr old. No way to tell?

There are 3 women with red hair and he's the big bad wolf, sending out threatening letters. What I don't get is why on earth he thinks they'll meet each other, or even bother looking but they do. Then whatever he expects from the meeting doesn't occur. One fakes her death, the three of them go after him with threats and no police action, which I just do not understand. Why not throw the cops onto him and get him put away for all the murders he's committed, his own wife even helped him. Stupid biatch.

Since he wanted red heads WTF didn't they color their hair black or brown,they would no longer be little red riding hoods. Don't get that part either. Most women don't know what their original hair color is after 30 anyhow.

So many things I didn't get that the author should have covered. The wolf belongs in jail. I don't like the ending.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

WHEN SHADOWS FALL by J.T. Ellison ****

Long story with many characters but worth the time to read it. It was fast paced with likable people and you were rooting for the good guys to win and the bad ones to get killed off.

My issue is not a big one by any means, in 400 pages there is a TON of people, some with names assumed to be one sex or another. A pet peeve of mine I suppose.
When you are skipping merrily along she also switches back and forth from first to last names, not helpful when names of people are unisex ones. That's all I could find that I didn't really like. The basic story line, a cult with babies being sold is sort of off the charts but what the hell. Not bad. Not really my type of murder mystery.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SANDRINE'S CASE by Thomas H. Cook *****

At first I didn't know what the story was about but as I continued on I realized it was a first person story about a guy Samuel Madison who is facing murder charges for the death of his wife Sandrine. This isn't exactly a murder mystery, I would say it's more a literary love story told by someone who has forgotten what love is and is forced by the death of his wife to face what she had to face before her death.

I liked the book a lot, I wanted to read the next page and the next. I was engrossed in it and all the characters were well defined with different personalities and different motives. They are so solidly built by the author you almost can recognize them if you met on the street. I think the author has a great talent in that.

Good style of writing, easy to read and not hard to re-enter after you've put it down for awhile. I kept trying to read more and more of it as I was drifting to sleep, next day I had to go back a few pages to recover what I didn't remember. Highly recommend the book. I would buy it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SUMMER DEATH by Mons Kallentoft **

I tried really hard to like this book, I read past 100 pages. The writer thinks we need to know about EVERYthing in EVERYBODY's mind. It so sucks. People are boring generally and I'm sick of how hot it is, how the sun burns everyone's eyes and everyone left to go on vacation. It's repetitive to the max which increases my reason to close it. How many times is the main character Malin going to think about all the dead or raped victims and try to put them all together? Page filler me thinks. Means boring fall asleep reading even when you don't want to.

Do  I want to remember? What happened still exists, even though I can't remember it, doesn't it?
Soon I'll be able to go home.
I shall lie on the porch and try to remember, I shall whisper to myself; remember, remember, remember!

The earth above me, does it have any memories?
I know why I'm here now. 
Where I am.
I'm Theresa
It must be the night up there. I can't hear any voices of people swimming.
And I'm sleeping here, aren't I"
How did this happen?
Why am I sleeping here?
What are my dreams now?

Geezus the entire novel is filled with garbage in garbage out. I quit.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

RED DEVIL 4 by Eric C. Leuthardt

I honestly tried to get into the book. I tried hard to read it but when we get to a man who has had every single cell of his skin implanted with neon colors flashing on and off you went off the edge of the planet and I lost you there. BYE BYE.

How does his skin breathe? How does the blood get to his skin cells? How does he know if he has dry skin? WTF is this supposed to enhance in his life? WTF????

Friday, March 7, 2014

PARASITE by Mira Grant **

This is a very large book, will keep you busy a few days unless you took the Evelyn Wood speed reading course. I enjoyed most of the very well described characters in the book. This is in the future when science has developed a tape worm people swallow and it rids your body of any toxins and keeps you healthy. If you're a diabetic for example the worm would take care of keeping your body on an even keel so drugs aren't necessary.

If suffer any physical issues internally it fixes most of them but now they're learning to creep into people's brains with some sort of protozoa. Very confusing unless you're a scientist. So since I'm no scientist I was totally confused. The simple explanations were not enough.

I basically enjoyed reading the book and the only reason I kept turning the 500 pages was to see what the ending had to offer.  THERE IS NO ENDING. THE END. 

I despise this way of author tortures. Is there not a way to finish a book and begin with the same characters over again without teasing me for 500 fucking pages leaving everything in the air? No? Then you suck as a writer. You're unfit to write anything.  Every book should be complete by itself. If you can't accomplish that keep your day job. Stories have a beginning, a middle and AN END. DUH. I despise that shit. I just erased another star. Pisses me off so much.