Monday, November 21, 2016

The SCORPIO ILLUSION by Robert Ludlum ***

This is a big book. I tried to start it as all of them in bed to fall asleep. These names all within 28 pages: Amaya, Jacob, Portici, Cabrini, Nico, Henri Ardisonne, Ron, O'Ryan, Richelieu, Officer Cooke, Bajaratt, Geoff, Tyrell Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mr. Gillette, Tye, Marty, Gordie, Roger, Jickey, Nicolo, . Now that's just people. If I started with the names of towns and villages it would be about 30-40.

I cannot do that many names in that short a period of time. I am not going to draw diagrams telling me who said what from where. So I put the damn book down forever at page 30.

Not into spy stuff I suppose. Have at it yourself. Yard sale find $1.00

Thursday, November 3, 2016

O is for OUTLAW by Sue Grafton ****

Aside from a cast of hundreds this was an easy book to get thru. Sort of fast paced if you can memorize who everyone mentioned is. There are a lot of suspects of course we must go back 20 freaking years to find out who shot her ex husband from 20 years ago.

The going back in time to figure out stuff is really getting old, it's used by almost every recent author I've read, at least the last 3-7 books and I'm pretty sick of it. If you like Grafton you'll like this story. I would get it at the library. Then get in the time machine and go back 20 years; actually 40 years cuz she's already working in the 60s. So yeah....getting OLD.