Sunday, November 29, 2015

The GAMES by Ted Kosmatka ****

Since I really liked the last book I read written by Ted I went back and ordered the 2 I didn't read from the library and finished this one today. It's pretty much your standard monster story.

The future has Olympic games with 'lab created' monsters in a pit sort of fight to the death kind of thing and the US has won several games in a row. This sort of weird guy named Evan designed a creature made from ideas he got from various employees working on the same thing but apparently Silas is the boss in charge yet he knows nothing about the creature or what it can or can't do and is shocked to see it growing wings as it develops over the year before the games. Not a very involved geneticist at all far as I can tell. Fortunately for future scientists he's not around to screw up the planet a second time.

This Evan computer genius guy has a kid growing somewhere inside a computer (don't ask me I didn't write it) and it's somehow (don't ask me I didn't write it) connected to the monster. I am clueless how this exists. Anyway it's, of course, doomed from the start. Expected ending was expected.

I will say that the first novel I read was much better than this one. I was only so so into it and wasn't a page turner FOR ME. I sort of had my suspicions about what would happen and duh...I was correct.

Didn't hate it, didn't love it. If i read this one first I wouldn't have been so eager to read more of his stuff, glad I didn't and have the next one waiting at the library hope it redeems him somewhat.

Friday, November 20, 2015

BRUSH BACK by Sara Paretsky **

Large book and it starts with something really stupid. A woman, Stella gets released from serving her sentence for killing her daughter and VI Warshawski is on the case!! What case? Well I'm glad you asked, since everything is over and done with sentence served WGAF?? I don't.

I tried so hard to read this but I just don't care enough about the case. I mean it happened over 10 yrs ago, someone confessed and did her jail time so what? What am I supposed to care about? Wrong person in jail? Then idiot shouldn't have confessed. What else? Hummmmm???? I. do. not. care.

You read it. I couldn't stand it another minute and I got halfway thru the stupid thing.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

THE FLICKER MEN by Ted Kosmatka *****

Very intriguing book. It's a lot of science and quantum theory stuff so at first you feel like it's almost over your head but if you keep reading it gets more uncomplicated and the story flows. You really don't want to put it down once you're turning pages.

This scientist Eric Argus is in  a new job trying to do research but his past work couldn't be finished, he was afraid of the results and walked away from the job. He decided to work on the theory about light molecules splitting up in a box with 2 slits and discovered that some people can see the split and others cannot. No animals can. That meant some people weren't the same as others. The story continues from there. His life becomes endangered, he gets help, loses friends along the way and you get to an ambiguous ending.

Is he in a mental hospital trying to figure out his formula while "crazy" like his mom? Or did he really attempt suicide like his drunk dad? He has a lot NOT in his favor so the ending leaves you wondering what the state of his mind is. It appears he is working again as a scientist but 'where' and what happened in the story is up in the air. Pretty good reading. I would buy the book, you could easily read this more than once.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

PROTOCOL by James Abel ****

Altho I got a little confused about people/names/jobs eventually it turned out to be a pretty good story. The thing I don't understand is DID someone make rabies as an aerosol? No one ever answered that. Plus it was injected with blood product. Rabies was used to kill people and the thought was it would end up in a water supply and kill a lot of people.....BUT....

Rabies only resides in the brain, it can only be caught thru saliva...PERIOD. There has never been ONE case of aerosolized rabies. I did a LOT of research on rabies (I was an animal control officer) and up to now only one maybe two people have survived it thru coma. They were bit by a rabid animal. You cannot catch rabies ANY OTHER WAY. The writer doesn't make clear HOW the rabies was what means? It isn't going to survive in blood, nor a few days outside a living host so I don't get it. Otherwise if you ignore those facts it's not a bad story.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

LIGHTLESS by C.A.Higgins **

I'm not a fan of Sci Fi apparently, altho I loved every book written by Douglas Adams, he had a wicked sense of humor. Since then I haven't found the same style of reading material in Sci Fi and this one isn't anything I'd write home about.

Some guys somehow manage to get into someone's space ship, tamper with the computer and one gets captured while the other gets away. Some uppity female is sent to question them, how TF she knows they're on the ship I do not know. That was not explained. There are only 3 people living on the ship and the bad guy escaped thru vents as the occupants one of whom is a computer genius didn't know there were vents?? WTF??? How did the criminal land on a computer managed ship in the first f'kn place?

Ok I read about 50+ pages and tossed it aside. I don't GAS how many awards the author won, she sucks. If you like sci fi, this is your below average fair example of it good luck with that. Me not like.