Sunday, August 31, 2014

DON'T EVER LOOK BACK by Daniel Friedman ****

I began reading this and wished my dad could have had the chance to read it also. The author has a great eye on elderly and my dad would have thought parts of it, esp. in the beginning were funny. It's about a cop who is 80+ years old so the story has a back story in 1965 when he was a cop. He is still trying to catch his nemesis even from his old folks home while using a walker.

The back and forth from 1965 to 2009 is a little disconcerting but I think it's easy to get over if you aren't falling asleep while reading it. There were many areas in the book I just passed over. I'm not a fan of descriptive narration. It bores me. Even telling me the story going on in 1965 bored me. I would have given it 3 1/2 stars instead of 4 but I don't have half stars.

I would get it at the library. It's not bad, has some comedy to it, lots of personality of the characters but I couldn't say this was a murder mystery. It's sort of between a mystery and a delusion of grandeur.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The MOON POOL by Max McCoy *****

Very easy to follow and the story was intriguing. It was about a serial killer who made scenarios under ground in deep pool caves of his dead women. A body turns up in a cave and several more are found until they finally keep diving and finding more and eventually they catch up to the killer.

I would have liked to have known more like how he got the job he had and kept if for so long being the psycho that he is. I'd have liked to know if he was married with kids and what they thought about him as a person. There are a lot of psycho questions I would like answered but the rest of the basic story was very well written and unusual. I liked it and gave it 5 stars. I would buy it, actually I did buy it at a yard sale. Was written originally in 2004.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The FOREVER WATCH by David Ramirez *

Just barely readable for me. I read about 75 pages. This takes place on some vessel traveling thru space because Earth has been destroyed. Some chick in the story was used as a baby machine so the species can continue as this ship has been in space 346 years.

Mostly I can't be bothered with the jargon, the stupid descriptive narratives, the backgrounds of everyone involved etc. etc.. Let's just say I hated it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The AMAZING HARVEY by Don Passman *****

This story is about a magician who gets mistakenly accused of a murder. It's very quick reading and not hundreds of people to memorize. It's a good storyline and different.

I liked most of the people who were well defined and not carbon copies. I would buy it.

Friday, August 22, 2014

TERMINAL CITY by Linda Fairstein ***

Geez, get in bed read about 15 pages and meet: Alexandria, Cooper, Loo, Rocco Correlli, Micke Chapman, Pug McBride, Gisele Bundchens, Hal, Coopster?, Sherman, Alex, Mercer Wallace, Ray Peterson, Johnny Mayes, Commissioner Scully, Paul Battaglia, Hal Sherman, Dr. Azeem. You can just keep reading that every night to fall asleep, just 15 boring pages.

Author goes into mindless details about crap in the city. I could care less. Give me the murder, the suspects or don't bother me. I am up to page 146 out of 375 am headed to library and this one goes back unfinished with the reading. Too boring, I must have skipped about 25 pages of boring narrative describing the library, the history, the painting, the blahblahblah.

Hoping not to trip over another of her boring history books. Buh Bye and all that. Do not like her. Doesn't mean you can't but everyone I've talked to about books has told me they hate books that start with too many characters, who are BTW called by first or last names randomly, or have nicknames. Good luck with that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

STORM FRONT by John Sandford ****

I had been reading these books of Sandford's and there's this whore in it called Ma. She has 5 kids from 5 different fathers, runs around screwing anyone moving with a penis and Virgil Flowers finally breaks down and fucks her. No mention of rubbers. WHO, I mean this seriously WHO would fuck a woman everyone calls MA??? Something very psychologically wrong there. So Sandford has Virgil looking for something to call the new thing growing on the end of his dick, gets her middle name 'Frances' and can now feel unashamed fucking the slut everyone else in town has fucked (the town pump, if you will).

There is a paleontologist or similar who buries, then finds his own stone supposedly from early Israel. So everyone is chasing him around trying to buy it. He has terminal cancer his wife has Alzheimer's and he wants the money to keep her in the fancy digs she's in. Meantime meet Mossad, terrorists, Palestinians, Syrians, and other gun toting idiots. Davenport asked Flowers to handle it so in his own way he does.

Meantime the woman with 5 kids supposedly has beautiful boobs (after nursing 5 kids?? They should be dragging on the ground beside her knuckles) and a killer body--PUH LEEZE ever hear of stretch marks? After 5 kids? Next thing you know Ma will be in Mensa or run for POTUS.

She's a genius, haha. I can't get over the way men think. All little head- if you can't change what you've said in the past then make it so she's genius material with special sexual powers. "I have an itch that needs scratching" she says. LOL So much for b.s. there is a lot of that in the books he writes.

Well it was readable, ok storyline even if very very difficult to believe. If you like his stuff you'll probably like this.

Friday, August 15, 2014

MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King *****

Well this is a first for Mr. King I think, a murder mystery. It was just as interesting and thrilling as any of his other horror genre books. The story follows a retired cop, his friends and the murderer from chapter to chapter. You see what the killer is up to and why, you also see what the retired cop is up to and why. You're on the edge of your seat hoping the killer can be stopped in time before he goes on a wild bombing at a concert with children.

I loved the writing style, the page turing was quick and reading was fast. No difficult people to mix up, they were all very distinct and well crafted. Liked it a lot, would buy it.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The BONE ORCHARD by Paul Doiron ****

The title threw me off, this book hasn't got anything at all to do with a bone orchard. It's not a bad read, Bowditch used to be a game warden in Maine but quit to be a fishing guide. He was mostly running around chasing leads to one of the wardens being shot by buckshot in her face, which also totaled his vehicle.

So he goes wandering around reading emails and other mail until he has an idea who did what to whom. A dog was shot, the dog's owner (warden) was shot. This is a smallish book and easy to read in a few days if you have time. It's not a page turning thriller or anything but it's a good read.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

THE CITY by Dean Koontz *****

I really enjoyed this book it is detailed and well written. It has a beginning a middle and an end. It's about some kids hanging out, the stuff they do, the trouble the father is to one of the boys and a robbery that takes place. For some, it's horrific for others it doesn't hurt them physically only mentally.

Most of the people in the novel have a bit of ESP but for the girl who was lost in the story. I liked the relationships everyone had with each other except for the evil people and they were particularly evil.

Quick reading, well plotted and all the people had individual personalities. Enjoyed it a lot would buy it.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

DEADLINE by Sandra Brown ***

This wouldn't be anything I'm used to reading, it's a romance and I don't care for them much. So it starts with a band of idiots in a house like Waco TX who all end up shot or running away. The female Flora, is married to Carl and they have one son they raise to believe the crap they do about the gov't. Meantime he marries and has 2 kids with the future widow.

The widow, Amelia waffles back and forth over fainting in his presence. She likes him, she hates him, she likes him, she hates him blahblahblah. That's the part I could do without and all the fucking at the end.

The middle is mildly interesting with chasing the old time bad guys who are still roaming around with new paperwork etc. Amelia married the son Jeremy and had 2 kids, then she thinks he died but no of course not. So the FBI and everyone is chasing them all over the midwest and you have to read it yourself for details. I wasn't thrilled. But that's me.