Monday, May 28, 2012

SON OF STONE by Stuart Woods *

Bazillionaires owning planes, flying them, directing business, having friends and parties with their bazillionaire over talented kids with IQ of 180 or something, making movies at 16 yrs old getting millions for it while still in school =basics.

Stone falls in love, her ex boyfriend isn't happy. They get married, children are involved, all geniuses who don't get into trouble. Life is happy, rich, tits are thrown in men's faces while they're getting waited on, the rich are waited on hand and foot, can't even get a slipper without some asshole passing it over to them. They are all too beautiful to mention. The rich unavailable life to 99% of America and I'm supposed to feel sorry after reading 229 pages of this boring ostentatious crap that someone gets shot. O no! It's the wealthy trillionaire wife! Her ex shoots her, then the housekeeper shoots him. OVER in a second. WOW
Hated it. Boring shove diamonds in your face crappola. Stay off Woods. I feel guilty giving it ONE star.

Friday, May 25, 2012

BACK OF BEYOND by C.J. Box ***

Interesting storytelling. Some alcoholics from AA are being bumped off. Then some people go on a camping trip in Yellowstone where more people are getting bumped off. I liked most of the story, I even liked the cranky cop Cody Hoyt, he has a nice sense of humor about his superiors. His son is one of the Yellowstone campers along with some other kids.

What stumps me is some guys who went to an AA meeting were told about a plane full of money that crashed in Yellowstone. Big deal right? But what I don't know is how the killer found out what story was told in the meeting. HOW? There is no explanation about how she knew anything about what they talked about in the AA meeting.

Not only that but there was no explanation about WHO or HOW the people got killed after leaving the campsite. WHO did the killing? No mention of anyone leaving the campsite,  horsese missing (hard for a clackety noisy horse to quietly disappear) and for all I know the guy leading the campers did it, or his girlfriend did it or this female killer did it but we never really get to know the whole story about those episodes which if you ask me are rather IMPORTANT to the story. So there was more information about Yellowstone and Cody with his cig/alkie issues than the MEAT of the story like WHO frickin DONE IT. The only one we know is a undersheriff (whatever he's under) did something to almost kill Cody. That's it. Ta-da.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DEATH BENEFIT by Robin Cook *****

Really good reading, easy style, limited amount of characters, all very distinguishable. About 2 doctors working on the newest research to replace body parts by growing them using cells, and water baths, plus a new sort of dot matrix thingy, which is so advanced technologically it's hard to imagine. A med student gets involved by studying beside the 2 docs when suddenly both docs are murdered. She runs around being abducted, beaten and still clings to the facts and tries to expose their deaths.

The other part of the book is about the evil money brings to people who value it above all else. Some people are so fearful of losing insurance money of diabetic patients who will have a future of growing their own pancreas that they are determined to stop progress.

Very satisfying ending for all involved and I found it fast paced and hard to put down. Cook always has very interesting over the top in advance technology medicine stories. Some parts leave you wondering if it's even possible to do what he describes. I would buy the book. Very good.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KILLING KATE by Julie Kramer ****

Quick moving, with humor here and there. A reporter is doing a couple stories and gets personally involved and on the killers list of victims. The ridiculous enters when she believes she has a guardian angel who is really the killer following her around. She actually BELIEVES she has a guardian angel in the flesh. Dimwit. I hate religion tossed haphazardly into my reading material. I don't enjoy fantasy writing.

Her boyfriends name throughout the entire book was I believed "Garnett" then in one paragraph on page 269 she begins to talk about someone named Nick. WTF is a Nick? Where'd that come from? Suddenly one section, on one page, his name turned into Nick. So most of the time during the story she writes using his last name for everything??? Who does that? I never met anyone calling their husband or boyfriend by their last name IRL. That sort of threw me off track. Lots of other people in the book have their first names used so I don't understand why Garnett is favored over Nick. Confusing.

So people are being killed, serial style killer and she's writing stories for her paper about it and doing a little investigative work and interviews that lead her around in and out of trouble. That's about the jist of it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

NEED YOU NOW by James Grippando **

People praise this "nail biting style"on the cover and I was mostly bored propping myself up to keep track of names, agencies they belong to, good or evil, lying or not, it was a smallish book but most of the time I was confused. It wasn't my fault either. Cast of hundreds of characters, self important higher ups nobody cares about.  Many descriptions of physical things, more so than people or their actual feelings.

Money is missing, no one ever finds it, no one ever knows what it financed, lots of people are killed mostly in disgusting I-don't-wanna-know ways. Thoroughly disappointed, normally I like his books.
His leading character's job description: Wall Street advisor at the worlds largest Swiss bank. WTF does that mean? I never once saw him working, or doing anything related to work, or even in a Swiss bank. WTF does Lily do that directly ties her to billions of dollars in losses suffered?
Beyond my care meter. Blah. Mostly due to the plethora of side characters I don't GAS about.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DEADLY MAGIC by Ilona Benzel *****

No wasted words here. This is a horror novel about a magician finding a mirror from area 51 in New Mexico. He thinks he can add the magic in the mirror to his act because things disappear into it and sometimes return, alas, sometimes they don't.

Eventually he disappears, house is sold, mirror is found and suddenly people who visit the house suffer disturbing fates. People are compelled to kill others.

What horror is taking place in the home previously owned by the magician, what new monsters are slowly developing to take over our world.

I really liked the book, fast paced, well developed characters. Can't get it from library but it's on Amazon and ready for kindle as well. Worth the cover price.

LETHAL by Sandra Brown ****

Good writing, fast paced novel with twists and turns, unexpected bad guys and suspicions all along about innocents. I like the book and recommend it to anyone looking for adventurous writing with  hiding out, joining forces with FBI, lots of untrustworthy people, even cops involved. Very unsuspecting evil character.

Some areas were repetitious but that's how to get 470 pages, I suppose. I would chop out some stuff if I was an editor but it doesn't detract from the story too much.

Guns, death, cops, FBI, people protecting each other for right or wrong reasons. There was a little romance and the little bit in there was 1,000x better than the last crappy version of a book I read. Very tasteful and caring. People in the novel felt real and had well rounded personalities. Because of the boring repetitive areas I wouldn't pay for it, but great library find.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

THE INQUISITOR by Mark Allen Smith **

Lots of kidnapping, head banging and violence. Someone has "something' other people are trying to get. It's a tape. Meanwhile a child is kidnapped and our hero Geiger finally 'feels' something for someone else and decides to take care of him till the material is given to the kidnappers.

Now I don't care about all the repetition page filler type stuff that goes on and on forever. Like fights and hiding or running away. That crap just continues throughout the story unrelentingly. Then the end result, what the kidnappers want is never explained WHY they want it. Who is really behind trying to get it and why is it necessary for people to be killed over some tapes that are about 10 yrs old? What is the point?

I thought aside from about 60 pages that could easily have been removed it was written ok but left you wondering if you'd ever get answers to anything. Most stuff you do not. It's a fast reader esp. if you skip the repetition stuff. Lots of pain, blood, gore, but at least you can read it quickly. Pain isn't ever lasting.
Lots of why? why? huh? What for? I was so so about reading it. Could have lived without it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

50 SHADES of GRAY by EL James

I'm now DONE reading an online version of a book (couldn't finish-too gross). I say it's a version of a book cuz it's really a piece of trash. There are no real personalities to speak of. Barbie does S&M. Hate it. Sorry MISS STEELE does S&M. Very very slow reading, repetitive and monotonous. The author seems to have ripped off a lot of material from other books for this piece of shit.  How many gorgeous women that tons of men would want are virgins at age 21 and not for religious reasons?

BTW I wish she'd bite her fucking lip right off. What a misfit. They fuck constantly and she says O he's so close I could touch him. NO DUH

If you're sexually repressed and need some sex ideas for your bedroom you could scan thru to find something interesting but personally there's nothing of interest in this piece of shit. I don't need  pornography to find new things to do in the bedroom. I'm not sexually stunted and have my own ideas.

And guess what? Of course, of all the real literature and great writing by self-published authors this mindless English tea sucker with her repetitive crap writing gets on TV and has movie offers.

WOW perfect example of the dumbing down of America. People actually admit to LIKING this shit? I dread meeting any of them.
P.S. what's with the belly clenching is that where Miss E.L. James thinks her clitoris is?

O gosh my sister LOVED this book. ICK. This book sure doesn't deserve the amount of attention it's getting. It's not by any means a well written interesting story. ROMANCE, S&M, REPETITIVE and SIMPLISTIC. People who don't know how to read can bore themselves with it but there are sure plenty of better writers. THOUSANDS of them.

Challenge: I write better than this horny tea sucker. Backyard dog (Amazon), read that. Much more emotional and intriguing. What life is really about: highs, lows, characters you fall in love with or hate. Reading should bring you new views and ideas, get inside your mind and life and change you a little. My book does that. I wouldn't criticize without having a clue about how to write.
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