Thursday, June 25, 2015

The FOLD by Peter Clines *****

Wow, this book was really good. There were a few items I waited patiently to be explained to me which never was. This is about a secret experiment where time is folded and people pass from one set of rings to another about half mile away. Things are being inspected by a really smart guy for the investor. Lots of things go wrong while he's there and the first thing he notices is that people going in aren't the same people coming back. They are "different". Since this is the case I want to know if the other dimensions had people also building this doorway, what was it like in their earth and how did it differ?

These questions are never answered, I also hated the "ants" in the guys head, it was too distracting. That's his fanciful way of thinking I guess but it went over poorly for me. Also if he's not thinking with ants fighting in his brain he has injuries and the pain is always described as fishhooks. WTF? Who describes any pain at all as fishhooks? So am I to believe the newly discovered 'life' from another dimension inserted fishhooks inside him? Or WTF???? Really irritating. Otherwise if you can sort of try to put that stupid ass stuff out of your head and just go along with the bizarre tale you'll probably like it as much as I did. It's SyFy and I like that type of thing if done right. This was done without enough explanations. Didn't anyone who read for him tell him they wanted more information about where the 'new' improved versions of people came from??? Drove me nuts till the end.

I would still recommend the book. It's pretty good despite what I see as failures to fill in the blanks.

Friday, June 19, 2015

AS GOOD AS IT GETS By Elizabeth Evans

I read up to page 46 and found it pretty pathetic. What the hell do publishers want? This crap? It's so boring and repetitive. Some old friend comes to visit, then we are transported into the past for how long? Don't ask me I can't figure out when she returns to  the present time zone. Aside from that there are hints but never actual telling of any facts up to this point. She apparently cheated with this friends husband long long ago when they were supposedly best friends.

The entire story is exactly like the title this is "as good as it gets" and that ain't sayin' much. It sucks, it's boring, it's dead in the water. I wish I never picked it up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HAUNTED by Randy Wayne White ***

There are a lot of books with the same title and I had no clue who wrote it cuz the online library thing wouldn't let me renew it so I was left with 3 chapters to read and had to return it. No big loss. If  I had wanted to I would have renewed it but it wasn't that thrilling for me.

Something to do with a haunted house, with buried old bones nearby and I don't know that anything else haunted happened except some guy kept monkeys and snakes and the main character I think is a cop is a chicken shit crybaby most of the time. She finally did free herself from being bound up then just keeps walking into more trouble.

I didn't like the main character, didn't like the cop side of the story, it was seriously lacking. Didn't care for many of the people in the story, if they all drowned at the end would have been fine with me. That's my take on it. Could care less I didn't finish the book.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

THIEF by Mark Sullivan ***

This book was so so for me. I didn't mind all the macho men but could have seen tougher women, to balance crap out. Meantime all the women are scientists or nuns or wimpy boot lickers.

So every paragraph the guy named (Robin) Monarch is called "The thief" like EVERY paragraph and it gets wearying. I mean come on, the title of the book tells me he's a freaking thief why over and over and over again? What's the point? Think I'm so stupid I am going to forget in the next paragraph when you mention Monarch that I won't know he's the freaking thief? WTF?

Ok, never mind that. A nun who has done much good in the world according to Robin is kidnapped until he finds the fountain of youth which the scientists think they've found in a very remote part of Africa or some other remote place like that. Whatever. Lots of killing, shooting and mindless idiocy until our hero frees the nun and people decide not to interfere in the life of the primitives living over 100 yrs. The end. That about sums it up except for all the death. Wasn't 100% into it. Read it slow, skipped pages accidentally but didn't try to find where I was, lol.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The ARSONIST by Sue Miller *

I couldn't read it. Too arrogant and condescending, the characters, the writer, everyone. The story is mostly about a town and frogs, woods and all kinds of descriptions of said frogs, woods and town. They have an annual TEA in NH if. Tea, was thrown into BOSTON HABAH for a reason. IT SUCKS.

All the transients that move there for the summer know each other. This woman (from BOSTON no less) hasn't been to small town NH where you live next door to someone for 20 years and only say hi to each other unless she's in some arrogant little private lake cottage area where the same rich people co-mingle their arrogant oversized asses with each other. I suppose all their dogs run loose all over the place as well.

If there's an arsonist I could care less. Let him/her burn down the arrogant little tea party town to the ground. Hate the story. Who would be dumb enough to retire to NH??? I shoveled my roof 4x of 4/6 feet of snow the last winter I was there in quaint adorable little NH.  Anyone there would charge you $500. Not for the faint of heart or retirees unless you hire people all year to take care of your property for you which is probably likely in this wealthy family's case. The RE taxes are otherworldly. Let me tell you that the townies do not like the rich summer influx. No one does they are despised by everyone but themselves.

WHAT LIES BEHIND by J.T. Ellison ***

I got thru the thing but it seemed like it took me forever. It seemed like a HUGE book but it's not. What takes time is separating all the freaking people involved. You got CIA agents, FBI agents, cops, chiefs, Dark Ops, Other Ops, PI's and then you got a serial killer, and you got some other killer running around killing anyone having to do with some virus. It's like Ebola and someone in the "Pyramid" wants to use it as a terrorist weapon so anyone having had anything to do with the original in Africa being tested and then found out has all been killed.

There is a weird sister who is totally a killer without much in the way of remorse, then there's a crybaby FBI Sam (female) who almost needs to be hospitalized when she kills anyone. So it's so many people, so tangled if it was yarn I'd toss it out. I don't know how I finished it except to say that I never bothered keeping track of anyones name unless they cropped up for pages and pages. Otherwise the baby went out with the bath water. TOO MANY PEOPLE for a 400 page book. Way too many.