Thursday, April 30, 2015

The PERFECT WITNESS by Iris Johansen *

I spent my time (wastefully) reading this book. I only made it to 50 pages. There is never ending repetition like you're a stupid idiot reader who can't process information and retain it. It's about some kid who could read people's memories and she's about I think 16. So her mom screws a "don" and gets anything she wants cuz she's so fucking beautiful. So the kid is saved by a mysterious stranger and they discuss ad nauseam about her stupid ass power of reading people's memories. I mean this is 50 pages of going over it and over it and over it. You can just tell this guy who killed 3 men to save her is about 40 and at some ridiculous point going to marry her in the future.

I don't like this book I stopped reading at 50 pages cuz it bored the crap out of me. If you're under 25 you probably will like it. If you're over 25 you probably will think it's boring.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

STONE COLD by C.J. Box ****

I sort of liked that there was a lot of action scenes. There were easily distinguished people even tho there was an overwhelming amount of them. Some hunting guys, in a hunting type town are all into each other's pockets, the judge, a cop, a bunch of rich people and they pretty much spent their lives in the town not getting caught for their injustices. They hunt illegally, they kill people and most are deadly dangerous.

So Joe is sent by some congressman or someone to see what's going on and of course sticking his nose in all the way gets him in trouble. Some of the "bad" guys end up helping him so they can stay out of jail or not get as badly punished. That said, on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 6 following is the reason:

People will not read Backyard Dog, or other animal books like Marley and Me because they are scared they will cry. What the fuck is that? So C.J. Box is a NY Times best seller and there are mounted animal heads in every room of everyone's house or hunting cabin. They kill animals for sport and some bad guys follow the game warden to see where he frees pheasants so they can go slaughter them later having a bloodbath of feathers and dead birds. Anyone crying yet? No? Well you'll enjoy all the other animals slaughtered and massacred during the story without crying because it seems people are discriminatory about what sort of dead animals are ok and which are not (dogs). This so much pisses me off. THERE ARE DEAD ANIMAL CARCASSES THROUGHOUT THE NY TIMES BEST SELLER BOOK!!!!  Um...DUH.

So why does Box get so much attention and there's even proof that the meat cutter blended HUMAN meat into the carcass sausages. GO READ THAT and NOT CRY. Ya bunch of sissies. Rant over.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The HUSBAND by Dean Koontz ****

I got so pissed that every book on library shelves are by foreign writers that I resorted to the back part and selected books from Dean that I haven't preread or remember reading.

This is an early book and it's about a husband who's wife is kidnapped and he needs a couple million to get her back (not a lot of money nowadays) so he goes to his brother who is wealthy (he has no idea how) and the brother was sort of expecting this scenario. The brother doesn't GAS about the wife, let them kill her he says. The husband isn't on that team.

He figures out a way to get his wife returned even if it means his sociopathic brother dies. I read it 2 weeks ago, forgot to write it up and can't remember everything. Not bad, he always writes books I enjoy reading.