Wednesday, February 15, 2017

THIS IS NOT OVER by Holly Brown ***

I was ok with the book. It's about 2 people with issues that get into an argument about a vacation rental. The owner and renter. I liked the story going back and forth between them, I didn't mind the inner blahblah but I found both characters to be low on self esteem, high on the blame game and not very realistic.

So I'd say it's ok, get it at at the library.

I don't like how the author set up questions at the end in case I'm in a book club and don't have the intelligence to ask my own questions. That's a superiority complex of the author. I don't like the book enough to discuss it. It wasn't as if this is "To Kill A Mockingbird" or even close. It's not that memorable or socially important. If you didn't put those questions in I wouldn't have said what I did. And it IS OVER.