Thursday, July 23, 2015

SABOTAGE by Matt Cook *

Boring to the max. I actually tried to get thru it in order to know what the story was about but up to page 127 I keep getting blocked by useless information. There are 2 useless chapters 7 & 8 WTF are they doing? Both chapters are long long stupid descriptions of a friggin ship. WHO CARES? Boredom phase II is around where I'm at page 126, long boring sleepable blahblahblah about some scientist who was kidnapped to work for Russia the children were brought up by foster families I think because the mother stayed in case they decided to kill the husband if she left, then one of the kids becomes a scientist and now the long boring discussion between a few people begins about EMP pulses and how power goes down blahblahblah.

I am done. I keep waiting for the "top notch thriller" to emerge and never does it surface. I just don't give a shit anymore about anyone in this book. Everything is so confusing and muddled about people and their roles in whatever the hell is supposed to happen. It's beyond my capability to GAS. BYE BYE.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

BONES NEVER LIE by Kathy Reichs ***

Well, bones lie in the dirt, so that's not exactly true now is it? This is the author who started all the Bones shows which she even mentions her main character Temperance Brenner watching for god's sake. Let us not take ourselves so blatantly serious.

Anyway, the story is about old dead files which are resurrected because there is a new recent case similar to the unsolved ones. Brenner follows lots of blind leads, makes up stories about who could have done what to whom, isn't very friendly with Ryan till the end. There are actually two police stories ongoing, one in Canada, one in the US.

So some teenagers get offed, left lying face up arms by their sides and dead by some drug. One of a female killers victims is the perp and it takes the entire book to figure this out and it's sort of interesting but there is nothing new here. I've read a million books similar with cold cases and I hate cold cases. They call them cold because they're so boring they freeze you from wanting to read them.
So much for that.

The writing is ok, the characters are many, and not nearly diverse enough, the police are basically chasing Dr. Brenner around like puppies at dinner time. Have a go it's not horrid.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

FEAR THE DARKNESS by Becky Maserman

What I truly fear is that I'll be stuck having to read this. I'm on page 20 and it's so boring I keep finding reasons not to read it. Here's a repetitive section for you: "Cops will tell you the ...worst sound is click. (We don't know this part--->) That's the sound a gun makes when it jams. (Now for the crap you need a shovel for) But in relationships I learned that click is good (YaY Becky!!). It's what happens when, in the course of an exchange of two or three sentences, you know you're going to be friends or lovers. HAHA (I dated a guy for 3 months thinking he wasn't going to be THE one but we ended up married 26 yrs till he passed from cancer.)

Then after that boring pile of bull manure we get who she clicked with and her marriage. ALL TELL NO SHOW up to the page I'm done at; 20.  Too much blahblahblah and repetition of crap she already told the reader. I hate it.

People and reviewers on the back cover gave reviews so do NOT read anything by these freaking whackos who gave her good reviews: Gillian Flynn, The Washington Post (who'd she blow for that?), Publishers Weekly-pic of the week (No on there really read it, she paid someone to put that there. PLUS her main character is compared to Clarice Starling...bwahahahahaha) Library Journal, The Boston Globe and Lisa Gardner. If anyone at any of these places actually read the entire book I'll never believe anything they ever say again in this lifetime.

Read at your own peril. Beware SUCKS.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CONSTANT FEAR by Daniel Palmer *****

I found this book to be hard to put down. It has a lot of action and some weird characters, different than most people in fiction novels. Jake was a baseball player at one time and now classifies himself as a "prepper", someone who prepares for the end of the world. His little fort he has is mostly created from underground passages running from woods to his son's prep school where Jake is the janitor. The hardest part to swallow is all the underground passages and how conveniently they are laid out to the school.

So some kids including Jake's son begin robbing rich people and give money to charities, it seems harmless enough until they stumble on a couple  billion bitcoins which are then stolen from them either by one of them or by someone else. So the game begins, a Mexican cartel leader is the one who had the bitcoins stolen from (unless I misread) and he sends out troops of killers to take out the geek squad including Jake's son Andy. The school is told they have poison gas leaking in there from a truck on the highway nearby but that's a lie from the drug guys. They want their bitcoins back and none of the kids will confess.

Jake finds all this out and sneaks up on the Mexicans taking them out here and there until the grand finale. You figure out who stole the bitcoins, who the owner of the money is, how it all ends. It is a well written story with believable characters you get to know pretty well. I liked it. I would buy it.