Sunday, December 20, 2015

The BAZAAR of BAD DREAMS by Stephen King *****

Oh yeah these could keep you up at night if you read in bed, not recommended! Scary short stories that were craftily devised by the master of creep himself. The warning he gives is "Feel free to examine them, but please be careful. The best of them have teeth.."

So I would buy or get in library either way you can read the stories more than once but don't read in bed if the hard cover version drops on your head you'll sleep a long time. Very good reading, characters are full of life ... or death if that's called for. Go ahead and get it....creeeppppyyyyy!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

NORMAL by Graeme Cameron **

I forgot to read the back flap and as I began reading about muntjac hooves, cellular repeater and all that English crap and more I realized I picked up another crappy Brit book.

A guy is supposed to be a killer. Problems with that 1) why? What is his motive? He doesn't have sex with them, he doesn't use them for anything. He keeps no trinkets as ALL serial killers do 2) He keeps a girl trapped in a cage in his basement forgetting she's there and she ends up protecting him from cops at the end and acting more of a killer than he was. 3) WTF is the falling in love shit? 4) Either a killer has emotional disturbances or not, this author waffles back and forth one minute the killer is sane the next he acts off the wall.

Personally I didn't like the story line very much. I don't even remember the killer's name, that's how important he was in the story. He was so emasculated it was hard to tell exactly what his issues were. Why did he kill? What the fuck did he do to earn money? Supposedly his mum and dad died. I don't know if he killed them both or not, the story was ambiguous about that. It was actually ambiguous about most things. If you ask me any questions about the novel, the intent of anyone I don't have an answer for you. He keeps killing people but not like a real serial killer. He kills some hookers, he kills a guy who treated a female badly, he kills cops to stop them from discovering his murders. He keeps one alive in his basement cage even while killing a newer girl.

I  DO NOT GET IT. Stupid ass book stupidly written.  All I got out of it was CONFUSED. So I say to you do not bother.