Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The TRAP by Melanie Raabe ***

The best thing about this book is that it's a fast read. Some girl Linda who is agoraphobic is a writer and about 10 yrs ago her sister Anna was murdered. She recognizes who she believes is the killer (she saw his face right as she discovered sis's body) so she lures the investigative reporter to her home so she can trap him either by DNA or a confession.

She scares the crap out of him and he proves it wasn't him because he was in Afghanistan during the time this murder was committed. I'm not going to reveal the real killer you can figure that out yourself before half thru the book. Sister is sooo beautiful and self indulgent she can lure away Linda's boyfriends any time she chooses.

So Anna embodies everything Linda would rather be than herself. Even as a published writer. I thought the book was fast paced, large type on small book. Easy to read and figure out connections between everyone. Basically well written BUT at some point when she holds a gun at the supposed killer she has no clue about confessions gotten under duress DO NOT amount to a confession. Duh.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

MOST WANTED by Lisa Scottoline ****

This was a fast paced read. Story is about woman getting sperm donor cuz idiot husband hasn't got any (he blames her to his parents). So she's knocked up and sees a serial killer on TV that looks identical to her baby daddy.

She is a teacher on leave for the summer so she finds an almost retired lawyer to help the "donor" because he seems so sincere she believes  in his innocence. I heard that 95% of those in jail are innocent. But anyways, she gets him a lawyer, works with the lawyer and goes around sticking  her nose into everyone's business.

I won't blow the ending for you but I have a comment. This other knocked up woman who used the same sperm donor as our heroine Christine (nice catholic name there) goes and tells the guy in jail all about how she is knocked up by donor 3316 and thinks it's him. He then "assumes" Christine is knocked up (he knows this by what....telepathy?) and tells her that he is donor 3316 but reality is that he has no personal knowledge Christine is pregnant. She isn't even showing yet. She doesn't tell him she's knocked up. She just decides he's innocent and goes looking for the real killer or a way to prove his innocence.

That's all I got. If I had to read it again I would but get it at the library. Her husband is a real stick in the mud trying to hinder her or degrading her work and he never really improves in my opinion. I'd divorce the bastard.

Monday, August 15, 2016

8th CIRCLE by Sarah Cain ****

To begin with this had a ton of people (Danny Ryan, Conor, Beth, Beowolf, Michael Cohen, Linda, Andy, Alex Burton, Sean McFarland, John Novell, Tommy Ryan) in the first 15 pages you had to learn all their names because they were pretty much all the people in the story and a lot were related.

In one part of the story the protagonist Danny Ryan (who seems to be related to everyone) gets into bed with a corpse and had no idea she's there. Like yeah ok....sure lady. Not to mention some nitwit who got his mail accidently and kept it until the last chapter of the book and during the entire novel Danny had no idea why people were being killed, his dog was killed, he was threatened because of paperwork, videos etc that the nitwit neighbor girl kept holding onto until last chapter.

I thought the book had a fair/good story line, I didn't like everyone being related by marriage or whatever, it seems like everyone has known each other for 30 yrs YET didn't know each other at all. That was kind of bogus. I think we all know Dante's Inferno and that's what the title is referring to. I guess sexual perversions, snuff films, killing children that aren't missing....that kind of crap. It was ok. I would get it at the library.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

UP COUNTRY by Nelson Demille **

Well this book is 700 pages so it takes a really really long time to read. I read between other books due to it being one of the most boring POS I ever read. This guy goes to Vietnam and you have no idea why until probably page 699.

I didn't like the character, or his girl friend he met somewhere along the line. All you are reading thru most of this is where he was when he was in the war as opposed to where he is now and what he's seeing. Boring. Lots of descriptive narrative and I could easily take 500 pages out of this crap. Too many towns, names, boring descriptions of places and I hated it. Now if you fought in Vietnam you might enjoy it but I wasn't there and this was a futile attempt to read about it.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The CATCHER IN THE RYE by J.D.Salinger ****

I was never forced in any English class to read this but decided to see what the big deal was. I think at the time all the swears made the book important. Otherwise I don't get the big thrill. It about some nitwit kid Holden Caufield who keeps getting kicked out of expensive schools. This last one he leaves on his own a couple days before his parents are expecting him and moves around in hotels, friends places, thinks he had a pervert after him one night and he contacted his sister who gave him her Christmas money.

I really hated the "old" everyone. Old Phoebe, Old Mr so&so, old this person, old that person the word OLD got so overused it really got old. I hated reading them all must be 25 per page.  There are other words used so frequently it's actually boring-dragging the story along and not accomplishing much. He always says stuff like "you want to know the truth" and other little tidbits like that. It all made the story sound so immature and it was boring to read as an adult. I have no idea what I'd think of it if I was a teen. I would probably think he was a nerd.

He says in the beginning he's the worlds biggest liar and are we supposed to believe his story or not? Personally I don't think he has the temperament to run off on his own. He'd curl up in a ball and cry for his parents to get him, JMO. Well I gave it one star more than I normally would cuz he's so famous and all. Like why I do not know.

Monday, August 1, 2016

LIBERTY'S LAST STAND by Stephen Coonts ***

Quick overview: someone from a Democratic party is president but decides to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution at the end of his second term. Some think it's so he can be a dictator of the US so Texas decides to secede from the states.

This separating Texas from the US causes all kinds of problems which I don't know much about cuz I quit reading this political confusing mess about 1/3 the way thru it. Too many people, names, places just really bored me. I find books like this referring back to the Alamo, wars, politicians etc. opposite of book flap cover: a thriller. My bad. You read it, get it at the library.