Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Not really a novel I would pull off the shelf to read, someone walking around told me it was good. Yeah ok. It's about a stupid girl who can't do anything with her life except be a hooker, she has no brain to work with. She prostitutes for some guy named Val, gets knocked up by him and decides to get him framed for a murder he committed in front of her and some other girls so she can be a "madam" big step up in her world.

So she (typically) has a cop as a friend who helps her get out from under Val; literally and figuratively. She pretends to be a happy housewife fucking everything in sight to make what she calls millions as her little cookie cutter hookers pay her part of their proceeds. How she affords their bodyguards, bedrooms, med care, keeping records and paying for her million $$ mansion who knows. She has a plain face yet every where but at home is strikingly gorgeous. ROTFL

So good for the hooker, at the end she mysteriously decides to quit since Val has sent someone in his employ to kill her off for going out on her own giving Val and his happy family no more money while he's in jail.

My sincerest hope is that someone finds hooker from Val's crew and kills her with lots of pain and agony after she watches her idiotic perfect spawn die in front of her. She's just a whore her entire life. Can't even wait tables. Too dumb. Do not tell me the child has no diseases from sliding down her 'gina.

Needless to say I hated it. No mystery here. And glorifying hookers. Very nice approach to VD and STDs and all the other diseases I'm sure she's loaded with. Blow jobs without a rubber can cause warts (HPV), Hepatitis, Herpes, Syphilis and any other number of permanent and dangerous diseases. Good luck with that Lippman and Helen or Heloise or whatever your fuckin name is. Please don't stand next to me on the elevator. None of this is mentioned in the book. OF COURSE NOT. It's PRO HOOKER while she makes believe and pretty much believes she's a pro lobby-iest

Friday, March 22, 2013

15 SEONDS by Andrew Gross *****

Very quick reading, you want to keep turning pages and don't want to quit. There are some murders along the way and you wonder why they never get mentioned as being followed up by any cops or friends or family or whatever but I guess the writer felt it would take you off the main story line he was reluctant to do that.

It's about a guy who begins having lots of problems with murders around him and he gets blamed and chased by cops everywhere until he finally talks a female at the PD to believe in him and help him figure out what has happened to his life as it's falling apart and his daughter is kidnapped.

 I would buy this one if reasonably priced, it's small, very good action novel.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SILHOUETTE by Dave Swavely ***

This is a futuristic novel about the rulers of the different sections of the new world. The leaders are sort of at odds with each other and the main character Michael who either killed his own daughter or didn't. I couldn't tell you because he thought he was being controlled mentally by a chip of some sort and remembered blowing up his best friend and little girl. But seems that these mental chips aren't yet feasible so who the fuck knows whether he killed his daughter or not. I have no clue. Which is why I kept reading the stupid thing.

There is so much explaining of the futuristic equipment, bullets and the like that I wasn't fully into the novel. I only kept reading to see if he killed his daughter or not and never got an answer other than there is no such thing as a mental chip that forces anyone to do anything. 

Big war at the end between Michael, the founder of the Bay Area Security Service and his son. I wasn't ever thrilled into turning pages. For me it was so so futuristic chasing novel. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

GARDEN OF EVIL by Graham Masterson *

This novel starts out keeping you interested but it then bogs itself down with a lot of repetition. Over and over about the bible and things written in it and what it portends or predicts.

So this guy, Jim Rook, somehow gets involved with Ba'al cult who are trying to change the world in one day. He's a teacher the bad boy enters his classroom and Rook isn't teaching anyone much of anything. The boy in his class is named Somebody Silence and he lies a lot and promises people they'll get their own version of heaven if they go along with the cult. Meantime bodies of friends of Rook are found attached to ceilings, trees and his own bedroom ceiling.

He of course, joins the forces of evil until he decides to change his mind and retore order to the universe single handedly. Yay for Rook! I hate religious books. I was hoping this just had something to do with burning bibles or something. A garden where people were murdered. Not gods battling it out for good and evil, mind you a theme going back to frickin biblical times. Thanks but I despise these types of overdone novels.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PROOF by Jordyn Redwood

No stars. That's right, sucks from the first 20 pages. You think you're going to read an interesting hospital thriller and it turns into a 'shove god down your throat' Christian relic.

Keep your religion out of my mysteries or I'll keep myself out of them. Thanks but no thanks you weirdo. Which of these things is not like other? Which of these things isn't the same? Toothfairy, Santa Claus, Tinkerbell, God?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The DEATH RELIC by Chris Kuzneski *

I'm on page 306 and bored to death with repetitious Mayan history. A female gets invited to help a guy Hamilton and he suddenly disappears. She calls her friends in to help her find him or whatever her "mission" for being in Mexico is.
All we get is one damn history after another about the Spanish, the Mexicans, the Maya and everyone in between but we never have a clue where Hamilton is.

In the meantime some chick kidnapped a common Mexican kidnappers 2 children and tried to make money at it while all her men but maybe one gets killed, the kids are dumped out of cars and alive but the father I believe is dead. So what the fuck has this got to do with missing Hamilton or more history crap?

I'm sick and tired of all the repeat Mayan lessons. If I wanted to get more info on them I'd get a history book thanks very much Chris.

Otherwise the main story is going NOPLACE very fast. Bored to tears. Could easily drop this for any other book at any time. Waste of paper and even he said it best on page 302 "Lets get back to the artifacts (never got a real description yet of ONE of them). Otherwise we just wasted an hour of daylight on a history lesson that could have waited." Make that hours and hours of daylight and multiple boring lessons that were unnecessary to the main focus of the novel.

Every WORD should be aiming towards and contribute to the main story and it's ending. Not in this novel. page filller, more page filler, more page filler,......SNORE.......

Saturday, March 9, 2013

BONES ARE FOREVER by Kathy Reichs **

When I started reading this it began with a mystery of dead babies. So I expected it to continue in that vein, with a child murderer. Well nope. Some retarded adult female done it but in order to get that information you need to go to Alaska, deal with inbred families, all their cousins and friends which gets overly monotonous and confusing.

Then it becomes a story about mining, then long ago partnerships, then we travel onto mine holdings and people who hold them and someone is trying to steal them. Old burnt bodies are found to be two people instead of one. It's all just too far fetched and really boring, at least for me. I didn't like it at all.

Some minor chatting up about their kids, everyone wants to fuck Temperance of course she's so irresistible all who meet her must fall in love. Most women go along to get along with her I guess. I like the show well enough but usually when the main characters fall in love I stop watching the show. I really really hate it when that happens. Can't they find someone somewhere else to fall in love with? Has to be main characters with sexual tension all the predictable. No kidding it's a cliche. HAPPENS TO EVERY SHOW.

Off to open another book. Hope it's more entertaining than this one was. Not up to her usual standards or something.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ODD APOCALYPSE by Dean Koontz ***

One of Dean's stories about Odd Thomas, and it's a pretty odd story. He has some pregnant female with him who is hiding during the day and most of the story. Or in some mysterious room or whatever. We never get a good explanation about her or her pregnancy. Actually we get NOTHING about her.

Odd apparently watched his last girlfriend (Stormy) die and he's sort of in mourning while trying to solve the riddle of the house that he and the preggo were invited to. Seems like no one does any maintenance yet the house remains spotless, the grounds clean of debris. He stumbles upon ghosts, like Tesla, Hitchcock, a woman on a horse who keeps shaking her stupid head when asked if her son needs to be "brought back" to where ever he came from. Never get much of an explanation about that.

So the house goes about it's business while pig-like creatures show up during "high tides" meaning tides of time or some such thing and they get smart enough to use utensils to kill people with. When Odd is trying to escape they of course benefit his cause (unintentionally) by killing people in his way.

I guess I'd have to say the book is somewhat confusing, a 95 year old child he leaves the premises with who is supposed to die if he leaves, and he takes the calming all-knowing enigmatic pregnant woman with him while I think the house is dissolving or something. End of story. Stranger than fiction.

I wasn't nuts about it. It's about the house being a Tesla invented time machine of some kind. There's a little hint for ya'll.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The FACE by Dean Koontz *****

Very good story about a guy who is an ex cop and works for "the face" an actor who is rarely home. Mostly he's there guarding the child the actor had with some flighty model in and out of rehab.

The child is very intelligent and strange things begin to develop like ghost phones ringing and not being recorded on the cops monitoring devices. There is someone determined to kidnap the kid.

Meantime there is murder and mayhem all over town and the police don't seem to even exist except for one cop a friend of the house cop. I can't remember all the names, the book has left the premises for the library already. I just know one cop believes in his friend who has visions from another dead friend who isn't really dead and is giving him obvious hints to protect the ex cop and the child. I just wish some other cops were involved connecting all the mass murders and crimes of the bad guy. He seems to be everywhere killing everyone and getting away with all of it.

Otherwise, edge of the seat Koontz as usual and I really liked it. Hard to put down for a second. Cooking and reading means you eat burnt stuff. :)