Monday, May 22, 2017

The SCORPIO ILLUSION by Robert Ludlum ****

I really couldn't give 5 stars, it was 5223 pages and a lot of it was kind of boring and repetitive. There were so many characters from so many different "secret" agencies I could barely keep them straight. Some woman with about 4 names screws an agent named Tyrell Hawthorne. Sometimes he's called Tye, or Hawthorne, the author  likes to be confusing like that. Using first names instead of last names when you least expect it and have to find where the original names were put together. It's a nightmare in some cases esp. with the bitch from whatever town lopped her mommy's and daddy's heads off and she becomes determined to kill leaders in 4 countries. She uses other people   "Scorpions" who are a collection of highly placed gov't officials who want to change the way their countries are running and figure killing the presidents off will get this done faster.

That's the basics of the story. I wasn't absolutely committed to finishing it and read other books in between because this was too over loaded with characters, partnerships, conspiracies that I was lost most of the time.

If you're a Ludlum fan you'll like it if not may want to pass. It's 500 pages for cryin' out loud.