Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The VAULT by Boyd Morrison ***

Its sure a lot of book to read. There's every death imaginable; gunshots, falling, drowning, boiling, being blown up, belt bombs, phosphorescence bombs, people turning to gold by the Mida's touch, I think car accident was covered as well. Involved are the mafia, some language expert, engineers, Greek manuscripts and more.

People are forced by having relatives kidnapped into doing whatever the evil characters have in mind, which is finding Midas' tomb and taking home all the gold and the "disease" that causes whatever is touched to turn to gold.  Only thing missing are aliens, spacecraft and zombies. JK. Lots of chasing, involving cars, running, etc. I forgot to mention how someone wants to radioactivate the world and blame it on muslims -the villain of the month.

Took me a long time to read it. So much going on it's not easy to keep up with it all. People held for ransom blown up, survive, others think they're doing stuff to keep them alive and 2 factions after the Mida's touch thing. Never sure of anyone's true motives here and it's somewhat overdone but not the worst book I ever read. Give yourself a lot of time to get thru it tho.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TOYS by James Patterson ***

A strange futuristic tale about robots and humans. The robots were created by the humans for labor and took over parts of cities eliminating humans. Some guy in the middle of these robots with no clue finds out he's really human and he goes back and forth from being a robot to a human and from being in love with his fake wife Lizbeth and kids to his friend/sister Lucy. Some toy dolls are invented with evil intent and you gotta read it yourself and decide what you think.

I thought it was sort of shallow, confusing in some areas, like we never really know what 7-4 means and we never saw how he was born and why he has no memory of his childhood as a human. Where did he finally end up changing into an Elite figure who knows. I read it all and have about 100 questions, which isn't a good sign.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The SIXTH MAN by David Baldacci *****

Fast moving, lots of characters to learn but worth it. There's FBI, and alleged serial killer genius who needs a lawyer, Sean King and his girlfriend Michelle Maxwell. Things get confused and more confused with the gov't against people working for the gov't. Traitors and egos bigger than the planet.

Takes some work keeping people in your head but after awhile it gets easier. It was a good story, well told, no leftover questions and satisfying ending. Good reading.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

YOU BELIEVERS by Jane Bradley *

Keep on walking, nothing to see here.
Bunch of professional rambling in between nothing going on.
Some girl gets kidnapped or something, it's hard to tell- then the kidnappers are in a kitchen rambling on about whatever and at the end of the chapter you learn kidnapped girl ran off. I think. Not sure cuz I began to skim thru quickly. I was bored to tears.

There is so much explaining, describing, going back to birth stories, of everyone. Just really dead. Anything else would be more interesting. The encyclopedia for example. Momma this grandmomma that. Egads. Could not finish I was too bored. Hated it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FORBIDDEN by T.Dekker & T. Lee ***

It's readable. It's futuristic or mythological however you want to see it. Story about life without what the heart of life is, sort of dead people going thru the motions of living but mostly about the wealthy inheritors and their battle for control of the world. 5 people drink some blood and spend a bit of time 'feeling' emotions. Lack of emotions is called the Order and most people rigidly follow along altho you don't really see any day to day of people's lives.

Of course I don't like books without an ending and this one you need to read more- this is a series "The Books of Mortals" and there's a lot of repetition which is another thing I don't really like. Expect love, death, carrying hearts around, headless corpses, battle for supremacy and stuff like that.

Your call if you like series-type mythological stuff or not. I'm not on that bandwagon. I esp. hate the non ending. I read 376 pages with the expectation I would 'get somewhere'. Didn't really happen.