Monday, September 29, 2014

I REMEMBER YOU by Yrsa Sigurdardottir **

The book was as confusing to me as the pronunciation of the author's name. I want a book to grab my attention quickly, this book did not. It's slow as molasses going uphill on a cold winter day. I was on chapter two or three and cops are in  a classroom taking prints and pictures so I assume that someplace in this mess of kindergarten toy crap is going to be a body. Wrong.

It never quite got me interested. I closed the book after I realized no one died. Chapter three each paragraph begins: Katrin sat on the edge of the porch. Katrin opened her eyes and stretched. Katrin shifted position on the porch and tried to spot blahblah. She peered again through the yellowed sea of vegetation. Too much boring narrative. I don't have the most patience for reading stuff like this. Done with it and it's slow boring crawl to some ghost story at some future point in time.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The LITTER OF THE LAW by Rita Mae Brown ***

Barely tolerable for me. Sounds like an old bat over 100 wrote it and has no understanding or view of the world as it now is. She should back date it taking place in 1935. For one thing I am so sick and tired of religion in my mystery novels. This one goes back to the beginning, like the big bang with explanations of every religion. If anyone goes to church in these books in the future leave me at home please am sick of your religious crap. I hate this shit. If I want to read religious books I will. This is supposedly a MYSTERY.

This author mainly concentrates on gossip, a dead body here and there with absolutely no crime scene investigations what so ever which is one of the reasons I enjoy mysteries. What the hell is up with corn and pumpkins, eating food not treated with chemicals and cats following the owner around wherever she goes. Absurd. Cats aren't like that. Would you take your cat food shopping with you? Or let it out of the car at your friends house and call it to the car when you want to go home?? Didn't think so. This is almost, very close to animal cruelty.

So she "dumps" her animals off everywhere she goes and expects them to be following her around. They are ANIMALS. If any of her cats saw a squirrel running across a road buh bye kitty.

This is so full of crap information the book is a useless boring read FOR ME. I don't appreciate the inner most thoughts and daily chores of everyone in Crozet or wherever the F* she lives. It's readable, there are a ton of people in it. People with the strangest names they could only be fictional: Harry is a female really named Mary. So when does she begin being called Harry after her marriage to Fair <--lol before="" harristeen="" or="" p="">
Then there's Boomboom (I can only picture her as that human Barbie doll person) Coop a cop, Big and little Mim. WTF is a mim?? Tazio, Hester (1935 see?), Wesley, Buddy Janss, Seth Isman even the animal names are cruel "Casenovia" ? Lucy Fur? Elocution?

Aside from that I'm stuck with only a couple books, I'm 100 pages into it and I suppose since the sweetest, friendliest, person got murdered with a friend of hers I'll continue on making believe I'm liking it. I need some CSI lady. This is boring. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MOVING TARGET by J.A. Jance ****

I have no idea why it's called moving target. I didn't see anyone moving anywhere. The company people trying to solve the problem were moving a lot but weren't a target.

Some genius kid and his teacher develop a computer program everyone wants. Suddenly lots of people are showing up dead like his teacher, ex girlfriend (who also screwed his 15 yo brother), a nun and priest guard this genius when he's in the hospital for burns and a lost leg that someone caused him by setting him on fire. There were a lot of death and abductions with everyone abducted surviving. Somehow I'm led to believe this computer program has something to do with a gang? I think? I guess they're connected to some high company owners who want his program. I didn't really get the gang angle, the dope dealers.

I always say if you want something kill everyone to get it. Yup. That makes the person who has it much more willing to give it to you. The kid Lance gave an early prototype to the bad guys and it needed another password in 6 hrs or would disintegrate so that sort of pissed them off.

I'm so so on whether I enjoyed it or just read it cuz I had nothing else. The story moved around a  lot from one problem to another and Ms Jance picked a bunch of confusing names beginning with L besides the one name B, yes that's a name. She writes a lot and must use the dictionary to keep up with naming everyone. Lance, Leland, LeAnne, Lawrence, Langston, some of the other people had L's in their name like Ali, Daniel, Phyllis. There are a lot of people in the story but at least they appear slowly and some go away permanently but I hate too many names in my mysteries.

This was almost fast moving and had a lot of different angles so I gave it 4 stars. I would borrow it from the library.

Friday, September 19, 2014

STAND UP GUY by Stuart Woods ***

Well I don't think Stone Barrington stands up much cuz he's alway screwing some bimbo he just met or knows from his past or whatever.  So I don't get the title. Anywho some blonde gets "kidnapped" and he needs to deliver 5 million to the kidnappers. She's not really kidnapped and he got the bills in twenty's and tens. That's a lotta counting.

The story is brief, short chapters, lots of names to remember for the size of the novel, and there are barely any narratives or descriptions thus assuming you've read his books and know all about Barrington's life. Personally I didn't like the screwing in about each chapter or every 2,000 words but who would? I guess he thinks he has to entertain the men readers cuz I wasn't entertained.

If you cut the fucking and got the story straight up it would be a very short novel.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BROTHER ODD by Dean Koontz *****

I love Dean Koontz . The writing is great, there aren't too many people introduced too early, the story is well balanced and I always like reading Odd Thomas stories.

This takes place at a monastery, which I find lame and Odd isn't actually a 'brother' he just has settled in there for whatever reason. Clueless on that one. I'm sick of ghost Elvis WTF??  Odd meets deformed, retarded yet miraculous children who each have some kind of art talent or something similar, one wants to work with dogs. Honestly the brain damaged kids TO ME is not really my thing-I don't care. That's the way God made them; that's the way he wants them so be it and keep it away from me. I didn't deform or retard them. There is enough in the world to be sorry for; police dying on the job, women beaten in their own home scared to leave; dogs dying in shelters, innocent babies being intentionally left in cars to die. I am limited in the amount of what I can possibly GAS about.

I don't believe in any religion and don't like formalized religion due to the overwhelming amounts of money the church collects (millions) while the 'brothers' and preachers are molesting the choir boys (hundreds). At least the Jewish religion ignores all that crap with choirs, and incense and molesting of choir boys, they don't have choirs or snake charmers. They don't even believe in heaven or hell. I prefer their way of thought over all other religions, that and Buddhism. People say to me that there is only one god and every religion is praying and talking about the same god, which is beyond ridiculous. Do Christians expect to get 1000 virgins if they jihad themselves? Or however that goes? I don't think so. Which thing is not like the other, which thing isn't the same: Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Stork or God?

I didn't appreciate the setting but since that's just me  I still gave it 5 stars. I did buy the book because I was flying and didn't want to spend 6 hours in the air biting my fingernails, they're already short enough. I don't like or enjoy or want to promote ANY religion in ANY book I read. I find out it's in a monastery and almost chucked it. To each their own. If you pay attention (I do) most books are good vs evil. I don't even believe that because good/evil are part of Christianity. There are good people and there are bad people and there are murderous people who are damaged in some way. They aren't necessarily evil, that's a religious concept. Bye for now.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

POLICE by Jo Nesbo **

Norwegian writer with oddball names throughout the book. Too many characters. Too much background life histories and too few acting at murder scenes. I hate it. Boring boring and more boring.  Too many narrative descriptions. HOW do these writers get published???

From what I know you should lure the reader into the first chapter and capture them right away. So many many books do NOT do that. I hate them. This is the publishers FAULT. Knopf.

No story to tell here. Just boring and more boring. Things happen so slowly if you cut out the narration and only told the basic story you'd have a book about 50 pages. This is over 400 and not worth my time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FIRST FIFTEEN LIVES of Harry Åugust by Claire North *

Boring. Repetitive. To the point that you just awaken, read a chapter or two and fall asleep again. I mean wicked boring ass stuff. It had the potential to be really good but instead got off the good stuff onto rambling narrative of Harry who lives 15 times.

The thing that gets me is a doctor keeps finding him to torture him for some reason. I don't understand how he knows of Harrys' existence in each life because Harry is born over and over during the same time frame. So how does the evil doctor even know he exists each time he comes back? Is he also someone who lives over and over again?

So I was bored to death by the physics, science, god, religion bullshit and it probably doesn't even deserve one star just cuz it bored me so much.  Absolutely mostly narrative and absolutely not worth my valuable time.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The BUTCHER by Jennifer Hiller *****

Wow this was a thriller I couldn't put down. Hardly got any sleep and not just because of the reading, the murders are gory scenes. I really liked the book. Begins with a cop Edward Shank a police chief who solved the murders of the "Butcher" but there's a secret in there.

You go back and forth in time but it's not at all distracting because it adds to the depth of the story. The main character I would say is the grandson of the cop named Matt Shank who has a line of restaurant trucks and also indoor dining, he's about to become a TV personality for his cooking when the shit hits the fan.

He has a girlfriend Samantha who he hasn't really been treating very well, and inherited his grandfathers old home where secrets were buried. He discovers these secrets and has a hell of a time trying to accept what he found and figure out how to take care of it all. I really liked the book would buy it and there are 2 other books from the same author I haven't read yet, may look her up in the library for those two books "Creep' and 'Freak". Try to get a good night's rest before starting. LOL

Thursday, September 4, 2014

LAST TO KNOW by Elizabeth Adler *****

This is a well written murder mystery with just enough evil characters to hide the real one among them. In a quaint little lakeside village a cop lives with his husky who loves him. (Doing animal control I find this so hard to believe, huskies don't care about people, they care about running off and chasing something.) So anyways not too many people to memorize, couple families and fake families.

Most of the women in the story are "incredibly beautiful" which is hard to swallow. The murderer gets hold of a kid from a local family of whom she wishes she was the mother, odd flakey girl that she is, and pushes him into a well. You'll have to find out yourself what happens.

I don't understand though how this girl who only lived in the area less than a month or so knew where all the hideouts were. She found the well supposedly NO ONE knew about. Kind of off the charts there. I would buy it though, it's  a good read and interesting and quick.