Wednesday, February 26, 2014

YOU by Austin Grossman

For, by and about writing code/gaming. You need to be under 30 and a geek or something to even care about this book. Didn't like it. Didn't read much of it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TAMARACK COUNTY by William Kent Kruger ***

Story was sort of ok, I despise religion in my novels, write a frickin holy book instead of throwing your god trash in a murder mystery. So Anne wants to be a nun. How many people nowadays do that? Waste of time and life. She is in love with a person in real life WTF is she gonna do but go someplace people are non believers get into their heads until she forces them to believe (here eat this food we're giving you for free and believe in Jesus) called COERSION.

The killer, of course, is like a monster movie, never dies at the end. When Cork had the gun on him, he knows the killer will be after him yet again so he listens to his super religious nun bitch daughter who stands in front of the moronic killer. Like she has some kind of super god power. <b>If I wrote the book, Cork would have shot them both.<b/> POS and doesn't kill the man who deserves it. He crippled his son perhaps permanently, he killed a lot of people while he's totally insane, no one is going to care if he's dead.

A man wrongly convicted has found peace in jail and doesn't want to leave  even if pardoned and told to leave. Yeah that makes all kinds of sense, so he can't do any good for the world at large by leaving prision? WTF is that all about.

I will never read another book by this author. The religious crap, the "no speaking to you now" Crap is about all I can handle. One stupid book. DONE. Three stars, don't waste your valuable time on this unless you want to read a lot about god and nuns.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

SYCAMORE ROW by John Grisham ***

I just finished the book which has a hold on it so I read quickly. On a scale of 1-10 the 1 being bad, 10 great I'd give the reading of the book from the beginning a 4. It was so so and tepid for me. Lots of introductions and lots of people, who they are trouble they get into etc. Jake is a lawyer and his client hung himself and left a debatable will leaving his kids out of it and maid in it. So big disturbance.

The courtroom crap I really had to skim thru it, for me...boring. Back to the scale still a 4 maybe a 5. I was tolerating it mostly because he's a good writer.

Then, once you get thru all that 300 boring, crappy pages you finally get to a bit of interesting stuff in court. Of course the best is saved pretty much for the last couple chapters by then if you are still reading it >CONGRATS!!! I finished it and at the end I still wouldn't give it a 10, maybe an 8 or something. Wasn't all that and bag of chips for me.
Get it at the library. Certainly not a reason for me to wait for 300 people to read it before me, it had that many reserves on it. Poo.

Friday, February 14, 2014

FROM THE CORNER OF HIS EYE by Dean Koontz *****

For some reason I took too long to read this one. Must have been busy during the week. Anyway this is a convoluted story about several people and how in the end their lives all intersect. T

There's a hint of  God and religion, a touch of Steven Hawkins string theory with the bubbles of lives we supposedly have whenever we face choices. Told by a kid like this:Everyone is a tree, and if you make one decision (major) to say go to college then the person you are on another branch of the tree goes on to college and each branch of that are other decisions. I thought that was a good allegory.

So a boy at about 3 can walk in the rain and not get wet cuz he walks where 'there is no rain' and there are others who have various little quirks like that. His dad died on the way to the hospital when his mom was in labor.

Meanwhile it begins really good with a loving couple climbing a mountain fire tower and it has weak spots so the guy at the spur of the moment decides to shove the wife off it.  He does so and changes his life in a negative way, collects money from the state for the weak railing, then buys ugly art, then hears the name Bartholomew someplace, can't remember where and thinks he has to kill him. There is a Barty in the story who is the 3 year old and can't possibly cause him any threat but he raped a young girl who got pregnant and had a child. She dies giving birth but names the baby Angel and the sister against all she believes in raises the kid even tho at first all she can feel is hatred towards the baby but in time she loves her.

All these people come together with a detective chasing after Junior the child rapist-wife murderer and it's a long process of describing their lives and what goes on until the day they all meet. Liked it a lot would buy it. This was written ca2000.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

VELOCITY by Dean Koontz *****

Since I enjoy reading Dean Koontz so much I decided to look in the older sections of the library for maybe some books I missed reading at some point in my life. I had believed I read them all but found two I have not and maybe more if I go back and look.

This one was very eerie and dark. A bartender named Billy Wiles had a 'different' childhood than most and was adopted by another family. His step brother, much older than he, was a policeman. Not a very good one really.

In town some artists are making a performance art mural they're going to burn at some time in the future. Billy begins finding notes and body parts. These notes suggest his wife, barely alive on a hospital bed, being fed by a tube was poisoned by soup and won millions of dollars for her care. So Billy worries that someone who had decided to attack his life is going to kill her. The first thing entering his mind is what most cops say "follow the money" and he does without finding anyone suspicious.

In a round about way he does discover who is tormenting him, but doesn't realize till the very end that he had help. It's up to Billy to keep himself from becoming a suspect, to keep his wife alive, to figure out who the killer is and to end it all for the sake of his sanity.

Fast moving writing, excellent character descriptions and a really good tale. I would buy it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

INNOCENCE by Dean Koontz *****

Well ya I mainly do love Dean Koontz's books so it's always or usually always five stars. This time there are two characters from the beginning a 'father' and a 'son' and the son is named Addison. But they are not related. Soon thereafter you learn about the mystery of Addison's birth and how his mom was a hero for keeping him alive.

Both Addison and his "father" cover themselves from people from head to toe. Why they cover their hands you'll have to ask Dean cuz there is no reason for that in the book. It's really the eyes. So anyway the (dad/Addison) run around a city during the night all covered up or live in the drainage system of like New York. Addison's mother packed him a bag when he was eight and said 'go away' then shot herself...BANG. He rode a semi to the city.

One day the make believe "father" has a meeting with a couple rough guys and Addison is alone till he meets a female a little younger than he is and her name is Gwynth who's father prepared her to live in 9 different apartments and houses so she could flee to where ever she needed to be because she also had the same affliction as Addison and his dad. but she wears colored contacts so as not to attract anyone's attention.

During the crises of some guy chasing Gwynth around trying to have sex with her to demean her, which I don't understand how that could happen when so few people; especially good people, couldn't look her in the eyes. Same as Addison. How's he going to molest someone he can't stand to look at? Ask Dean, again- not in the book.

So there's a child who had been molested, she's very young and she's also alone. Gwynth and some other mystery guy or benefactor who knew her dad, who also helped Addison and his father get food and clothing has also been protecting the child. This kid was hooked up to hospital crap for years on stand-by until Gwynth needed to get her out of the city. And there are many other children like them. Meanwhile back at the ranch, people in other countries are dying by what seems to be a mysterious illness, there is a 99% kill rate from this bird carried disease. People are dying all over the world from it.

No more info for you. Read the book, I've said enough to get you going. Peace Out.
I would buy it.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A DARK MATTER by Peter Straub

This is a stupid book. The entire beginning describes (in nauseating depth) each frickin college person the main character is friends with. Each of them has some sort of stupid frickin nickname like eel, or Hootie, Boats, Dill. It's such collegiate writing where another person such as an idiot prof. I had in college thinks they're all that and a bag of chips and has an actual following of morons. Well all the friends but the main character are following Mr. Moron around like baby ducklings and believing all that he says.

He is described as Spencer Mallon a college campus GURU in the 60s YEAH that's right who GAF. Later dude.

There are chapters unending about people, the descriptions of what they do. Most of this is narrative and boring fall asleep type writing. I'm insulted that the library chose this book for me to read after I read Dexter. What a bunch of crap this is. I just couldn't get past page 30 and I fell asleep. BORING. Buh Bye.