Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The KRAKEN PROJECT by Douglas Preston ****

This was an interesting concept, an AI becomes self aware and was written for a program intent on sending her to another planet's moon to study the hostile environment. "She" Dorothy, realized she would be in a hostile environment alone and decided to escape from the vehicle holding her prisoner.

She jumped into a computer destroyed the NASA building and the rest of the book is basically people chasing her around. A computer programmer wants her for stock raiding, the original programmer wants her back to reinstall her, beginning to realize the program is self aware.

The program ends up in some kids play robot his dad is working on and everywhere she goes trouble is following, guns going off etc. There are some nasty ass cops in Arizona, remind me not to go there and get stopped. They were beating the crap out of innocent people and not allowing them lawyers. Guess Mr. Preston found some ol' hick cops passing thru. :)

I would get it at the library. It keeps you reading even though you're on a chase with near misses the entire time. Was good for getting your head out of your problems. Short time.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

FLESH AND BLOOD by Patricia Cornwell ****

Good story, good writing, yet again someone is trying to kill Kay Scarpetta the coroner, and/or her husband she stole from someone else Bentley. They don't really do much communicating. The adopted daughter Lucy is first suspected in some deaths due to the height a sniper uses and distance etc. But it's up Bentley and Lucy to solve the case without Kay getting involved but of course she has her suspicions.

Always Kay is under attack. If you comb the internet you probably won't find ONE coroner whose life is in danger as often as hers is (I found NONE). Mostly it's due to past crimes or her unstable niece Lucy. I really wish this was a book about solving SOMEONE ELSE'S DAMN CRIME.

I'm sick of Princess Kay, King Bentley and whatever Lucy is. I won't say I hated it or stopped reading it but I'm really getting bored with the same old same old. Too bad we can't think outside the box. There is a lot of internal thinking and that's the bulk of the novel. Not much in the way of action.

Get it at the library because you read one you've read them all.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

DEADLINE by John Sandford ***

This is a Vigil Flowers story taking place out in some Minn. place where the school board is ripping off the town and all the dogs in the area have been stolen to be sold at auction. That about sums it up but you gotta read over 300 pages to get there.

He's still fucking the town pump Ma aka Frankie with a kid from about 10 different fathers, I stopped keeping track. This relationship only makes Flowers look like a low life slut fucker. Far as I'm concerned, and while he's gone what's she doing besides fake farming? Who knows. She spent most of her life screwing anything that'd fit. I'd rather see him with the slutty TV Reporter. Least she has a job and probably no kids.

I outlined it for you, lots of long boring crap in between knowing about the school, getting evidence, knowing about the dogs who had to wait till the last chapter to be saved. I mean boy how'd the book get to 300  pages?? I will never figure it out. Good luck ya'll.

Monday, December 15, 2014

PERSONAL (Jack Reacher Novel) by Lee Child**

Well I started out hopeful that I'd like this cuz normally I read his stuff but I could only get half thru it because so much of the same old same old kept happening over and over. Reacher and a female named Nice (nice, lol) were running around London trying to buy guns and pissed off several "gangs" here and there. Some other guy Bennet is like a watchdog of some sort. He GPS's them somehow and likes that they knocked off a few of one gang but wants more?

I don't really care and I tried to. I read 212 pages for christ's sake and boy it was so much the same throughout the book I figured I already read everything I needed to know. He's a NY bestselling author so you want to read it and fall asleep that way ... it's your call. I didn't like it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KEEP QUIET by Lisa Scottoline ***

If I wrote this I would cut about 100 pages of repetitive story line. Over and over how bad everyone feels about the tragic death of a runner (track?) around a curve in the road. They even arrange this huge meeting in like a gym or something crowded with all the people from the school to discuss her tragic loss and say nice things about her. I have never in my life heard of this being done, aside from the fact the "praise overdone" lasted about 20 minutes.

The husband allows his son to drive and he hits someone, the rest I'll leave to you to find out if you decide to read this. Really I couldn't get past all the over and over grieving and blaming and sadness and blahblah geez. Not to mention the "secrets" they all kept from each other during almost the entire novel. Dysfunctional family but not typical.

I wasn't hot for it, I had to slog thru much of the boring stuff.

Friday, December 5, 2014

ROGUE CODE by Mark Russinbovich **

This book is not for a beginner computer or stocks buyer person. I've been on computers since the 80s and trade online but I couldn't get half of what was going on. It bored me. It's about a new program some people are trying to get made public on the stock market. Meantime a company is trying to explore ways to get into the servers of the stock market to close up any holes. Someone has penetrated the stock market computers and are ready to begin stealing from people.

Very confusing. Here is a paragraph and I read over 100 pages then dropped it in frustration. :"That's something else we need to consider," Adam said. "Founders and early backers typically represent about ten percent of the stock first sold to the public. We're over forty percent, not as bad as Facebook was,but bad enough. If makes it look like we don't have any faith in Toptical and want to get our money while we still can."

I didn't care for it.