Thursday, March 29, 2012

The VISIBLE MAN by Chuck Klosterman **

Boy, I just didn't get it. Some guy wears an invisible disguise, goes into and watches people at home to see how boring they are. Does that on and off for years. While trying to help a couple people he actually makes their situation worse.

He goes to a therapist and shows her himself invisible and visible tells her about his voyerisms. Everything he says is arrogant, unprovable, contradictory, snotty, lies and I kept wanting to shut the book but it was small and I figured I could torture my way thru it. It was torture. It was written like a novel "over everyone's head". But it was just to confuse the reader into bafflement. I had no idea what it was about, why it was written, who it's supposed to impress or what the general raison d'etre is. The therapist was a useless piece of shit, she was more of a recording device. She asked him nothing of importance, she never revealed anything of importance about him. She questioned him privately as you the reader would, like what's it like to be invisible? What's it like to watch people? Not as a therapist who is concerned about anyone's mental health. DUH.

Just plain stupid to me. Wasted days and wasted nights..... sometimes you pay that price for reading. Sorry dude, didn't get it.  The ending was so strange too. WTF?? Now her husband is nicer to her. Congrats honey.

Friday, March 23, 2012

THE BONE YARD by Jefferson Bass *****

A body farm novel, and as usual, well written, very interesting with the explanations of things most people don't experience in their life time. A dog has been bringing skulls home and Dr. Brockton is on the case trying to figure out how these kids died.
A sort of diary has also been found on the location of the old institution but they haven't figured out how to open and read it yet. When they do (and I haven't got that far) I'm sure lots of people with powerful positions now pay for their errors of the past. We shall see. Half thru it and hard to put down.
Great library find but I would buy it too.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WHEN ELVES ATTACK by Tim Dorsey **

Dorsey has a FL following. I read it and it didn't really do anything for me. Moronic pot head drunks interfering with everyone's lives around them and most of the time clueless. I don't share the same sense of comedy. Peeing on the floor, vomiting and shit on the carpets don't do it for me. Sorry bout that.
Ok library find, gives you something to do for a day or so.

Perhaps author should be writing comic books for pre teens who still think this shit is funny? Just a thought.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MURDER ONE by Robert Dugoni ****

I can't put stars yet I just began reading this but I gotta say the premise irritates hell out of me. Some guy screwing some lawyer chick whose daughter died of a drug overdose is going to sue the drug supplier for the kids death and try to take all his money away for poor little kiddies who get strung out on drugs. I gotta say the girl was addicted for years after a car accident. She probably didn't buy ALL her drugs from this one guy. So go ahead and sue the entire planet of drug dealers? Then we have the o so obvious SHE DID DRUGS. Her choice. She didn't try to stop doing drugs. So let me start off by saying I hate that premise of the story. I will read it cuz it's all I got at the moment.

Ok I'm about half thru and it turns into a murder mystery and court case. We're now in court cuz the mom of the dead girl is charged with the drug dealers murder and personally I think she did it but our hero David Sloane (who is doing her) is also defending her. He doesn't think she did it. If she did do it she's a moron.

It started out as your typical I read 100 of these similar type books and it's true I have but once you get into the part he actually believes her your wonder keeps the pages turning. I wasn't inundated with too many people altho there are a lot of them, I just fly past names here without paying attention. It's not bad reading really. Good library find. Not as good as some but certainly not as bad as others.

GAME OF SECRETS by Dawn Tripp *

Wow, I really was bored to death with the descriptions of everything. Winter....who hasn't been there? We need 4 paragraphs describing it? Or a boat? Or water? Isn't it's cold and wet sufficient?

People's names...we had to be awake pacing the hallways to come up with some of these: Luce Weld, Ada Varick, Vivi Butler, Marne, Ray, Alex, Elise, Huck, Green, Junie, Scott, Silas, really fast and furious with the names. I got half thru the book and NOTHING was happening except a scrabble game. Big whop. I mean nothing.

Some secret was probably going to be told before the last page but I gave up waiting due to overwhelming boredom freezing my brain. Some weird writing too, like she thinks her prose is poetry when it's just driving me crazy. Mostly the story seems to be about relationships. Who's related to who, why and how and are they still alive and does anyone care. If you have a hard time giving a shit about fake people this is NOT your book. If you are soft in the head about them continue on.
Yuk for me and didn't finish.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KILL ME IF YOU CAN by Patterson & ****

Fast paced story about some ex-marine hired killer who goes after some diamonds, falls in love and wants out of the life he has to be an artist. Plus he has talent and immediately (unlike IRL) gets paid thousands for each of his paintings but he doesn't need the money anyway cuz he had the diamonds.
It was easy reading, interesting story line and it's one of the Patterson books I like.
Most of them seem formulatic but if it works what can you works.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

V IS FOR VENGEANCE by Sue Grafton *****

Great reading, easy style of writing to follow. There are plenty of characters but each is distinct and easy to remember due to looks or personality. She rounds out the players very well. She gets on a case and won't let go till it's over.
It's basically about people being killed by a sort of mafia of loan sharks, the head one is tired of doing the job, his brother does all the killing and Kinsey is busy sorting it all out due to being hired by a guy who won't believe the stuff his fiancee was involved in. Good story, I liked it a lot.