Thursday, January 24, 2013

BLOOD NEVER DIES by Cynthia/Eagles

I really tried hard to like this because it's a murder that was set up to look like suicide but for one stupid thing like that this book is 250 pages of filler crap. So much tea drinking, chatting, yadayadayada. I really hated the repetition, lack of other cases, the things she writes that she thinks are amusing didn't amuse me. I could barely stand reading it. I did try my best.

Who knows what the f this means: 'Tattoos were not my thing. Vinyl is.' Atherton said, arguing to be the one to go. "I've looked up the address, and it's on the corner of Brook Green-the road, I mean." HOW UTTERLY BORING. Just put me the fuck to sleep. I got half thru the stupid ass book.

No stars, lots of tea drinking goin' on as well. Frickin Brit crap.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I just can't give any stars to this crappy story. Each chapter seems like a  new book is starting. You never get to follow one story along reading without having to figure out which part of which unconnected piece of crap is related to which other piece of crap. I hate tea sucker writers. They suck.

I got to chapter nine and just cannot bother trying to connect anything anymore. I'm over it. So done with this shit. And the language of England, yuck.

Begins with a trial and a murderer is set free even tho the evidence is quite against him. Then switches to some murder or other, then to the PD, then to total strangers finding a dead person. The murderer has italicized thinking and I just hate everything about it. No stars for this piece of crap and who the hell would publish this tripe over any other better author???

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SHATTERED by Kia Dupree ***

This is a book about a girl who has a lot happen to her, she's a hooker, a runaway, a foster kid, raped by her brother, on and on bad stuff keeps happening over and over and it seems like she hangs around people who are going to allow this crap. She snorts coke, she ends up being a human mule and eventually it all comes to a head.

How did her boyfriend NOT KNOW where she was or what was happening to her on their "vacation"? He stupid? Or what? There's a lot of poor grammar spoken by about everyone in the book. Too much about what they wear, brand names and shit like that. I really could care less. Apparently this chick's life is dependent on having looks and hot clothing. She's a party girl with poor taste.

I didn't really like the premise of the book. This is not a murder mystery by any means and not my type of book. If I knew what it was about I probably would have passed. It was a fast read, easy to get thru once you learned to suffer the lingo. If you like reading about misfortune someone actually aims for you'll enjoy the book. I got more brains than the main character but I suppose the reason I like dogs over people is due to people in this story.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KEYHOLE FACTORY by William Gillespie *

Yeah I couldn't really relate to the story. The pages are disconnected from each other at the beginning. Then we're talking about poets and I shut it down.
No thanks, I'll pass. It seems too disjointed to me.

THE INNOCENT by David Baldacci *****

Great story, fast paced and enjoyable. This gov't hired hit man gets confused by a number of seemingly unrelated events and ends up with a teenager to drive around with and sort of take care of. At first you have no clue what's going on either, because the unrelated events don't seem to be related.

Once you get into the story line you're pretty much hooked to finish it. I lost sleep reading it in bed. Very good story and I would buy it.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

JUDGMENT CALL by J.A.Jance ***

Sort of a small town typical murder mystery with lots of townies involved or hiding info. The chief is a married female Joanna Brady who is married with kids. Her first husband was murdered so during this story is a side story about finding his killer as well.

The murders honestly weren't all that interesting and the book was slow reading, I could put it down anytime and pick it up easily, no thrill getting thru it.

There are a few cliches in the book pgs 354, 356 and I didn't write down others, one is "Back to business as usual", "doesn't always have all his ducks in a row" (who says that??), and "We still want to connect the dots on Debra etc.."
so getting thru the entire book was a little on the tiresome side. Probably her typical sort of writing style and she has many books to her credit. She needs to pick up younger lingo if you ask me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LOW PRESSURE by Sandra Brown ****

Not a bad mystery. Long time ago (as they usually start) someone got killed, her sister Bellamy wrote a book about it calling it fiction, she riles up everyone in town. The kid who died in jail has a brother out to kill her for getting him convicted along with the DA and cops etc. He's a nutjob. So she starts all this trouble without having any idea what happened herself. She "blocked" her memory when in actuality she witnessed the whole thing, lol.

So 18 yrs later old boyfriends of the dead sister Susan are questioned, the step brother makes his confession to Bellamy, along with other people and in the end after being frigid or something like that she screws one of her sister's old boyfriends, now a pilot.

The romance part is slow and ongoing, she's wimpy and inhibited. I thought it was ok for a mystery, slow for a romance but all in all ok for a fiction novel with some murder in it. Has one "wicked" evil character and she's off......