Sunday, September 10, 2017

The CARETAKER by Thomas William Simpson ****

The plot was very good, I liked it but of course one of the main characters has a fling with someone bent on revenging this family.

I'm not giving things away but some of it is quite unbelievable with an interior passageway and spying on the people living in the house. Who the fk builds a hidden passageway to watch people? Like one in a billion.

On page 272 the author  believes it's possible to blush whenever the guy wants to. That's a rare talent and it reminds me of the lady who writes about calico cats. She thinks the males exist. They do not- one of her males knocked up a female another impossibility because the males IF THEY EXISTED would be infertile. So what the fuck? This guy cannot blush on cue I call "pants on fire".

This is a yard sale find, dated from the 90s. It's suspenseful and the husband is a stupid moron who cheats on his wife with his caretaker never even realizing she's a HOOKER. So good for him and all the diseases he now has.

The story is fast paced and coherent. Wasn't a dud and is good reading if you can find it.