Sunday, July 24, 2016

The LAST MILE by David Baldacci ****

This was an interesting mystery. A guy gets bonded out of jail on the day he's to be executed. He ends up with FBI, and a cop, plus a few other cops. I had a problem remembering names the author divided them sometimes so only 2 or 3 went someplace then in another section 3 or 4  them went someplace together. There were also too many bad guys which also were thrown together randomly and that became an issue for me trying to keep track. Their personalities are not strong enough except for the guy out of jail Mars, and maybe the lead character Amos Decker. Also it seems names like Decker, Davenport, Montgomery are common book names and it's confusing.

The writing and descriptions are well done. The story line is interesting enough to keep me reading cept one cop was kidnapped for no reason, no ransom, no demands to get her back. Who the F* knows what that was all about, got me! It was almost the last page they get her back for a trade. I don't think the author made enough mention of her, where she was, why kidnapped, what was happening to her etc. Just left her to wallow in her own misery I guess.

Recommend get it at the library.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes ****

I think the storyline was ok, at first this guy Joe Goldberg is a killer until he falls in love. That's the basic story line but in the end he's in jail thinking he's going to get away with all the dead bodies all over the place from before he moved to CA.

There are a lot of people in the book and after awhile when you don't hear about them for a few chapters you tend to forget who the hell they are when they pop up again, esp. at the end of the book. It could have gone, "Mr. so&so, the FIRST COP to try and get him jailed" but there is sort of a reminder about him that wasn't relevant like "he cried like a baby" which most of his victims OF COURSE do.

There are elements of Joe that are not consistent in the context, he thinks he is not a sociopath, he just goes about killing people who have found out stuff about him, left him, or otherwise stepped on his ego until he's close to love, marriage and having a child. A guy he wanted dead, ends up dead for no reason having to do with him altho he worked on killing him and didn't realize he wasn't dead.

Since he's a 'writer' we never get a clue when that's going on. Like all his time is spent with his girlfriend or chasing other people around, I have no idea when he wrote anything or helped anyone else write anything. That was not part of his life altho you are led to believe it is.

I would get it at the library and don't expect normal criminal-type behavior nor your everyday kind of murder  mystery cuz it's not.

Some people spend their life writing books, self publishing them, with a writing background and still don't get noticed, I suspect this author had a life of luxury, she was special and had entitlements but I really don't know-I just suspect so (grew up on Cape Cod? yeah..).