Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BEFORE HE FINDS HER by Michael Kardos ****

This was interesting enough, beginning with a teenager who gets pregnant and begins to wonder where her bio dad is because she had been "adopted" when she was 3 by a couple. I can't say more than that without giving away a lot of the story, but she goes back to her old town to look for her real parents, she knows her mother was killed but believes it was her father who did it and she is under the impression the adopters have kept her hidden all her life so he wouldn't find her.

Not so. Read the book for the info. I thought it moved well, you travel back in time to when the parents were alive and then back to where Melanie is searching. In some places like 215 I got confused when David says the house across the bay is pink his ex wife lives there and "he wasn't going to be the one who moved away from the bay" and Melanie dumb as a rock doesn't know what he's saying ... duh. On page 310 she's talking to her fake dad Wayne and a cop comes to take her to the PD to get grilled by a cop. Meantime NO ONE mentions Wayne being in the room, not who he is or why he's there. NOTHING. That sort of pissed me off like what's he got on the invisible cloak?

Anyways it's worth a look at the library. Moves along well hated the ending. Your turn!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND by Samantha Hayes *

Barely understandable English writer bullshit. Poorly written, too many characters related to each other, entire families, there is no common thread to follow. Teenagers seemingly commit suicide which you never know is true or not. One dad kills his son for being gay and then kills the guy he was having sex with. Meantime Mr. Hypocrite is screwing a  married woman nearby and ruins their marriage but stays married and has his own bedroom at home. WTF???

There are people with the same first letter in their name just thrown in to confuse you along with some idiot named Gil who's brain is up his asshole. Apparently he draws well and sees "everything" no one else does. What a load of shit. So Lorraine, Lana, Lenny and all the other L's along with the Freddy, Franks and beans I really can't tell you throughout the book who I thought I was reading about. Sometimes it's first person but you have no clue who that is which brings me to the ending.

"Someone" we are NEVER NEVER told WHO ties Freddy (a teen) up like a hanging on top of bales of hay "him" whoever the fuck THAT is. Was it the guy who he ran into after escaping Gil's? Frank? Who? Am I supposed to guess with little tiny snippets of NO information it was the same father who killed his son for being gay? WHAT? I'm stumped. Never never do  you ever know who hung the stupid ass kid up on the hay bales. Is it the same person who writes suicide notes for motorcycle accidents? I don't get it. The girl who was his girlfriend, was that Jo? Was it the homeless girl? Was it Lana? I am so confused. I hate this book, I hate that I wasted days sorting people and trying to get a line on WTF is going on. Bullshit story, bullshit writer and I despise English writers, I'll never pick up another book by one again. This just rips me.

Friday, September 11, 2015

SOLITUDE CREEK by Jeffry Deaver ****

This is the author of the Lincoln Rymes stories but it's about a female cop named Dance. There are multiple over croweded venues where people are panicked and running for exits, like a movie theater a band, an elevator whatever and some guy is making videos of his work.

Anymore story telling on my part is going to give it away. I found some of the scenes with the children tedious. I don't really need pages and pages of some shy teenager's angst. That was pretty much all that irritated me, aside from the beginning which was kind of hard to get into. I spent like 2 days reading and re-reading the first couple chapters to get who's who straight before I outright stabbed the book. After about chapter 4 it seems to glide along like you never had issues. There were about 2 occasions when "she" should have been used instead of "he" or vice versa.

Who ever did the editing pooped out there and someone crossed out the last letter of "seem" and added the M so I don't know what was corrected. Just typo's the copy editor could have easily picked up, seems the readers are! YES you should quit your day job and good luck to you in your next career, haha.