Saturday, June 17, 2017

The MIRACLE STRAIN by Michael Cordy ****

Story is about a geneticist Dr. Tom Carter he invented a machine that can decode the blueprint of man by using something from sharks that has to do with echo location. His wife gets shot for the formula when he was the target. He does a scan on his daughter because after wife's death she had a tumor of the brain and now daughter inherited the same thing.

Now he needs to fix his formula with advanced medical science to save her. A brotherhood thousands of years old may have the secret key to unlocking the formula he already has, he believes they are the original genes of god.

So you have to suspend your disbelief but the story has lots of characters but is very interesting and has real time possibilities.  I thought is was pretty good, buy it or get at library.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The ROOK by Steven James ****

There were a ton of names, at least they didn't get introduced all in one chapter. Most if not all persons are in first person. We're following our protagonist Patrick, or Pat, whatever his last name is I can't find it in 30 pages.

So he was married, wife died leaving a teenager with him. She had some trauma younger and doesn't think of Patrick as her father until later. Meantime she goes off on her own a lot and pretty much deserved everything coming to her and more. Patrick is a wimp FBI agent.

Some people are trying to get a "devise" that uses shark brain material to sonar stuff so the gov't can spy on anyone anytime anywhere with a satellite dish. All the drawings and formulas and inventor go up in smoke but this inventor leaves a clue for Patrick where to find the "device" from which he later removes a critical part so people can steal the device and not use it.

Tessa-his step kid disobeys every thing he tells her and instead of going to live with Pat's mom or whoever she gets a tattoo under age and falls for some scum bucket tattoo artist who takes her to a party gets her drunk and goes about trying to rape her but she sets him up McGyver style so she can escape from him.

Patrick has a partner Lien-hua-I couldn't even read that name. I had no clue how to say it. I just called her Leen. Stupid name anyways. She's afraid of drowning like her sister and the killer likes to torture women by cuffing legs and drowning them in fish tanks. Big ones I guess.

Patrick gets red herring'd all over the place. Fires, kidnappings, dead people, bad cops, you name it. I thought the book was ok written, too many people for my comfort but the story line was a good one. Have read better have read worse. I would get it at the library.