Monday, December 26, 2011

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS by Sara Cruen*****

I recommend this book highly. Very well written and researched. The author just leads you in gently and bam you're flipping pages like pancakes. I like the tone, her writing style, easy flowing storyline. Begins with a 90 yo gentleman in sort of a home who dreams and remembers his life after college. His parents both died in a tragic car accident and he missed his veterinary exams due to his depression, hopped a train which turned out to be a circus and thus the meat of the story begins.

The way animals were treated in circuses back then (the 1930s) wasn't very nice but with Jacob helping out it seemed better for some of them.

It's a romance, a man reaching adulthood story, mean people that karma catches up with. There's laughter, tears and that's what a good book is. It carries you into a world of someone else's imagination. Liked this one a lot.

Friday, December 23, 2011

SORRY by Zoran Drvenkar **

Not my type of book at all. Some loser kids in their twenties get drunk and invent a company that apologizes. Like one example; a boss screwed his secretary and the company "Sorry" apologized in his place then made her an offer of jobs at other companies that her boss would recommend her for. Dumb shit.

I didn't get to any killing or intrigue I'm on page 61 and I got better stuff to read than this. Bored.

EVE by Iris Johansen **

I wasn't crazy about the writing style. There are 2 guys and one chick all intertwined. One is Joe Queen the other is John Quinn. Can ya make em any closer without using the same name? Every female in the story has had a child kidnapped and killed. Child molester/serial killers work for some cop guy who keeps the serial killer out of trouble even tho he knows he's a killer. I don't get all the killers running around with  kudos from other cops. COPS hate child killers so this story is too far out in the netherworlds to be believed. Then you have the girl Eve's boyfriend Joe and his friend Catherine helping to chase down bad guys. The entire novel was written to find out where Eve's kid Bonnie is buried and guess what folks? You have to read the next novel to even know if that'll happen.

Book with no ending. Lots of things leftover. Hate it. Can't tolerate reading 377 pages of nonsense (written poorly) to have no ending. Sure some bad guys die but you don't know if Eves boyfriend lives or if the housekeeper lives, or if the kid gets back to her mom or anything else. You never know how or why stupid Eve has an adopted daughter, how or why she believes Black is the killer. I guess I was supposed to read the first two books to gain any knowledge. Not happening.

The writing is immature, repetitive and dull. I had very little interest in continuing so I don't know why she thinks I'm going to go out and find the next stupid book. NOT GOING TO.
Buh bye.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

YOU'RE NEXT by Gregg Hurwitz *****

Guy with a mysterious past finds himself being chased by people determined to eliminate him and his family. Lots of hiding, using friends to get help figuring out his past and why these people are trying to kill him. The cops are involved so he can't go there. Wife is badly injured and he has to hide his kid while he and his criminal foster brother figure out the danger and where it's coming from.

This tension is reminiscent of a combo Koontz/King story and has you pushing pages pretty fast. Liked it a lot and the premise of the thing was almost realistic so I would buy it. Good reading.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The HELP by Kathryn Stockett *****

Couldn't put it down, it was engrossing and powerful writing.

I'm not from the south, as in having grown up there but obviously the writer was deeply ingrained in living life with 'help' coming in daily to cook, clean and care for children. The 'help' seem to have done quite a bit of living with white families as workers but also it was a part of their own lives.

One of the maids is very clever in teaching a toddler from the time she can talk how it's wrong to judge people by their skin color and when reading that I wonder why ALL the 'help' weren't changing the south in the same way as a means of forwarding their own cause and to help the next generation be more tolerant. Seems simple enough to work with the children they raise to learn to love each other no matter the color. To encourage change so simply seems obvious but I suppose it would have been dangerous if they were exposed by some of the more conservative families.

I really enjoyed the book and recommend reading it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The NIGHTMARE THIEF by Meg Gardiner ***

Where to begin. Very fast moving page turner but with lots of coincidences that I'm not happy about. This rich girl meets up with a childhood scary guy who just happens to work for EVERYbody bad in the book, even the rich girls dad. There are about 40 names you're bombarded with in about 40 pages.
There were stupid moves by smart people. No one tried to escape. I mean REALLY escape. EVER. They just hung around in one general area to get bumped off one at a time.  People have been known to hide successfully in wooded areas for weeks. It's called getting lost and no one finds them for a long long time if they're any good at it.

It's a page turner, and suspenseful but so many "wow I can't believe HE showed up THERE". It's sort of suspend your disbelief for the entire book and don't get analytical and maybe you'll like it. I'm way to saavy a reader to put up with the coincidences and stupidity of the supposed smart people.

What it's about: rich girl has party about being kidnapped or something and meets her personal nightmare bad cowboy (who coincidently works for EVERYONE) the ending is supposed to be the  kids are successful and happy. Someone in dads old employ has a score to settle so he and some buds of his decide to kidnap the entire party for real during the fake kidnapping. Then the kids coincidently run into 2 sort of special ops people to help save them. Meanwhile lots of the little tweenies are killed. Most of the bad guys get what they deserve but you'll need to read it yourself and decide how out of this world it is.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

BURIED PREY by John Sandford *****

Great reading yet again. Murder happened to two girls about 20 yrs ago and Davenport is back on the case when the bodies are found buried under a building complex being torn down. Got some return to the past events, then back to the future chasing of the perp.

Descriptions are good, I have read so many Lucas Davenport stories and Virgil Flowers that I feel like I know them already. Bad guy got what he needed at the end, esp. since he killed cops during his flight. Needed a little more pain for the tell me how bad his wound was and how much it hurt and what he was doing while they were hunting him down. Would have liked more of that. How he's scared the cops are getting closer etc. That part was ignored too much for my taste but otherwise you are getting what you pay for-a well written, page turning Sandford novel.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CHARADE by Sandra Brown ****

I would give another star if it wasn't such a sexually explicit romance. There was a lot of intrigue, lots of red herrings, tons of people. Very long involved story line with at least strong women characters-some were at least. Some were weak or stereotypical man chasers. I didn't hate it, I kept turning pages and read it between the other book I had so much trouble reading.

If you're into a complicated heart transplant story with more than a few victims, suspects and love interests you'll like the book. I don't really like the disgusting 'opening her labia and getting his tongue involved' sort of low brand writing. Too much information. And somewhat voyeuristic. Gross.

Friday, December 2, 2011

EXPIRATION DATE by Sherril Jaffe **

I was bored to tears. Not my kind of reading at all. Some old bats, mostly related, a mom, her daughter and maybe another daughter all contemplating old age and their aches and pains.
Somehow they find men to date. One thinks she had a dream that she was going to die on her 60th birthday, that's the premise of the book. I really hated it. I had to read other books in between this one so I could continue on about wealthy old biddies and their bridge games. There isn't any defining feature of any character. They could all be the same person. Nothing stands out to separate them mentally at all. Just so much wandering boring idle thoughts.
Just happy it's OVER.