Thursday, April 14, 2016

RED TIDE by Jeff Lindsay *****

Well as expected a great read, book is too small wanted MORE MORE MORE. This is a story with Billy Knight in it, I suppose a new character replacing Dexter. The book is good, takes it slow and easy in the beginning then speeds on to the end. There is romance, voodoo, pythons large enough and trained to kill, of course for fights all the fists flying,  knives, guns whatever can be picked up.

I would recommend it to anyone that likes murder mysteries, or mysteries. This is pretty much about how people save all their money to come to America from Haiti and are tricked into the water by a false skyline so most of them drown in the ocean and the captain makes quite a lot of money NOT delivering the 'product' which would be illegals. Liked it plenty. Buy or rent. Up 2 U.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


This is a book takes place in the future, the cop LT Eve Dallas who gets to fuck Roark at least once in graphic detail is trying to find 2 killers who are in love. They kill for an apartment, for vehicles and torture people so their sex is better somehow.

A couple of times the writer describes crap page after page about things of which I do not care. Every page she is playing a guessing game, who is doing what and why? What if it's THIS scenario, or THAT scenario. The entire book is a tortured back and forth of WTF is maybe happening. I don't really like that much but the story was interesting enough to finish so I gave it 4 stars, I would get it at the library. It was so so for me but I'm picky about murder mysteries.