Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TRIAL by Larry D. Thompson****

Story about families, how they interact with each other and how they react to a bad illness brought about by taking a drug approved by the FDA because the FDA and drug companies have hands in each other's pockets.
Some courtroom stuff, at home family stuff beginning with childhood of the victim and on to adulthood which seems a little over the top. The whole time I was wondering why I care about this girl and had to know her entire life story and teenager mishaps until she takes the trial drug. That's about where the story  should have started, IMO.
So a drama family style to beat a large drug conglomerate. Well written, good library find.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DOUBLE DEXTER by Jeff Lindsay *****

What's better than curling up in a dark house, little flashlight in bed reading a Dexter novel? huh? I gotta say not much can beat that. There's a little business he takes care of in the beginning and then his mixed up crazy life takes over for awhile, he gets suspended while they investigate a murder he certainly didn't commit while the wife is house hunting and distracting him from his work. She's such a ditz.

All that and little Astor gets her hands wet as Dexter deals with his newest stalker. Makes one embarrassed to live in Florida, but otherwise; killer stuff here!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

BLACK LIGHT by 3 guys Melton, Dunstan, Romano

Wow really don't get it at all. I think it's about a guy; Buck, who sees ghosts, or travels to their world.  Or swallows them and regurgitates them or all three. So unsure because this book has so much rambling nonsense it's unreadable.

He meets spirits who know his mom/dad and comes out of it with no information about them whatsoever. Found roaming a desert....WTF? A child dies without much of a story to go with it. Short and meaningless. He has a girlfriend he doesn't even care about. WHY? What's the point? Don't even mention her then.

Gangs want a "piece of his action" (whatever his action is) and somehow he avoids that. Some half ghost living-dead arrangement named Darby protects Buck after Buck kills him. WTF? No explanation.

I'm only up to page 61 and that's all folks! Miserable rambling pointless waste of paper brought to you by the last writers of the SAW series, not the good ones with some humor, but the last 3 or 4 of them that sort of sucked. I would have my author pic in the dark shadows too if I wrote this shit.

Friday, November 18, 2011

GHOSTING by David Poyer **

I'm not and never will be a fan of people who are being tortured throughout a movie or book by bad guys. The entire story ends for me at the beginning. Most everyone dies cept maybe one survivor so why bother wasting my time. It also frustrates me how stupid the author turns people. Like a brilliant brain surgeon would NOT behave like this one. He would of course research boating, take boating lessons even with family members, know which boat to buy for his needs, know everything there is to know about sailing before throwing his family aboard one and heading out to Burmuda. When a more experienced boater friend (in his own boat)  says a storm is ahead and he is cutting the trip short this brilliant surgeon would NOT risk his nor his family's life by continuing on. Not reality.

But say I believed that. What is stopping him from telling his friend later approaching his boat about the killers on his boat and to turn around and get the hell away from there no matter what he thinks he can do to help. Gonna die anyway, scream at them to leave. Instead he got another family murdered. He was a wasteful hunk of flesh during the entire novel and if that's what the author thinks a 'man' is I hope he's wrong. Especially I believe the author had fun kicking the doctor's ass because he's a weekend sailor, I'm sure Mr. author is a proficient boater but no doctor, no man would be as wimpy and pathetic as the one described in this story. Only an alcoholic idiot would behave like the coward the doctor is portrayed as.

I guess the authors' vision of naked women submitting (or not) to drunk asshole kidnappers is a fun chapter or two, and was his big thrill. The killers were disgusting, dehumanized, filthy drunks who probably couldn't even get it up. And it would be more than simple to shove each one overboard. Talk about sad stories this one is right up there.

A supposed raped and degraded teenage female isn't even smart enough to save herself. A dead corpse tells her how to sink the boat and live. So phd's are worthless as humans, women are stupid,  and only men (dead corpses) can save one. Apparently.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I DON'T WANT TO KILL YOU by Dan Wells **

Teen monster story. A teen hero (16) with friends who all own their own cars, which BTW are driveable even after being smashed and crashed. This is part of a series, part 3 I think. Very repetitive on the sociopath info. Sort of a Dexter wannabe but a bumbling idiot teenager.

He "sees" bad spirits or whatever he calls them in people and is all too ready to slaughter everyone with very  little proof. Then he finds- in a corpse -a thick ashy gooey substance the frickin cop forensic investigator missed (right) and decided THAT was the invader of normal people. What we don't ever get explained is if the goo is in the dead body how did it move into another body without taking itself?  Why bother explaining that to a teenage reader? So he's a killers killer trying to find all the guilty murderers.

Some stuff you read: Teenagers slashing their wrists plus a guy stabbing other people then sticking poles in their shoulders like flags and stabbing them over 50 times AND a bullet wound to the head, hands and tongues removed. None of which was explained to my satisfaction. He caught both killers, and of course his mum got the ashy goo in herself, ran into a burning car and died the death of a hero. Don't make the mistake of thinking the hero "John Cleaver" is the hero because he seems just as likely to kill his friends for no reason as to kill someone deserving. He seems very psychotic.

He has "dreams" of embalming his girl'friend'.  Real normal reading for a teen. Very social misfit who thinks he's only killing to rid the world of monsters. Give me S.King at least he sets better examples. Good is good. Bad is bad. No in between. Didn't find it "Brilliant" altho "creepy" is a nice description on the cover.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

SAIL by James Patterson *****

Yard sale find for me. Good one too. Keeps you turning pages relentlessly. It's actually a quite simple story told very well and not long winded. There isn't a word there that's not necessary to forwarding the story line. I so wish more authors knew how to do this.

Great beach read, for bedtime, between other heavy duty reading, whatever. I'm not going to say it was intellectually stimulating or anything but if you like to read -this book goes hard and fast. The ending I wish was a little more punishing for the perp (court-wise) but he does get what he deserves.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

DRY ICE by Bill Evans & M. Jameson ***

Some parts of this weather control story are very technical and boring. Then there's a story about some woman in the country killed by a storm with her animals while we are left wondering WTF and never get a reason for that when it takes place. I guess I'm supposed to connect dots at the end. Not sure.

A maniac Simpson, controls a weather facility in Antarctica and he manipulates everything in the software so IF he happens to be replaced all hell will break loose and there's no way to stop it. The hackers hired on at the same location can't stop it. The new boss, Tess can't stop it. The whole time I wonder why a plug or energy line can't be pulled/shut off and take the damn thing offline and it's over. I still don't understand why that wasn't reasonable. Meanwhile  tornados, earthquakes, floods, ice melts and all sorts of weather havoc are killing families of people he doesn't like along with a million others.

The president gets involved and the most reasonable end would be take out the facility (some reason they can't). Lots of reasons why things "can't" be done meanwhile instead of killing a few people at the facility millions are dying everywhere else. Has some sort of happy ending. Wonder how the other countries are dealing with that. Like Israel which was sort of bumped off the map.

The only thing scary about this is that it's probably likely someone DOES and IS controlling aspects of our weather. Instead of global warming it's more likely to be global tampering. Many other countries are in this race as well as the US. Otherwise I didn't find it very good story telling in the beginning nor the end. The middle was so-so.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP by S.J. Watson *****

Very good writing, tense and page turning. Woman has no memory due to an "accident" she doesn't remember and needs to be told over and over daily what her life is like, where she lives who she is etc. She begins to keep a diary and gets a doctor without her husband's knowledge and as she begins to write and reread the journal things about her life become more and more peculiar. She discovers a lot of lies being told to her etc. Oddly enough the dangerous life she is now leading is what cures her.

Psychological thriller. Enjoyable reading, good descriptions, nice confusion of events. Just why wasn't anyone trying to find her? At all? Abandoned to fate I suppose. Even her doctor should have been looking for her records and had more information about her past than he did.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The KNOWLEDGE of GOOD & EVIL by Glenn Kleier ***

I'm not really into religion, god or any manifestations of novels depicting such but if you like that sort of fantasy this is surely the book for you. Takes a guy who wants to visit hell and heaven with priests trying to kill him to protect the church's secrets. Not a bad read if you're into that sort of thing.

I found it sort of bogged down in repetition, but the characters were ok. Most depicted well, and with their own personalities. Angela...well she sticks by her man way beyond what's healthy for a normal woman. But that's my opinion. You're entitled to your own.