Monday, January 30, 2012

10th ANNIVERSARY by J.Patterson PLUS****

This is one of the murder club of 4 females who solve mysteries or crimes together while juggling boyfriends. Some small chapter things start with "I did this" and it takes an entire page to read to figure out who the fuck is "I". That irritates me.
Some young girl (not the Chinese food version of sum yum girl) gets lost in the woods found only wearing a poncho. Well she really had on clothes and ditched them but no one ever bothered to look for them. Where where they? Hmmmm not very cop-like of the cops.
And this naked girl who "lost" her baby was suddenly a TV media storm which I find humorous. She was lying and the kid was adopted. She sold the baby or whatever.
I was so so about the book. The murder of a woman's husband was very convoluted and strange with red herrings all over the sea. Then one of the 4 murder women tells another one she needs more lipstick. That's happening in my world daily, I gotta tell ya. O...yeah that's right it's fiction.
Good for a library find. It's well written you know the characters, it's straightforward with the love of all their men etc. Everyone lives happily ever after harmoniously for the next book. Yay.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SMOKIN SEVENTEEN by Janet Evanovich ***

Well another swell time by Stephanie Plum, riding around in one of her boyfriends cars. He supplies her with plenty of them and she quickly loses them to some accident or TNT or whatever. Lots of food. Fat Lula stuffs herself into ridiculous outfits and eats her way thru the novel. They catch a few skips and it's about the same old same old.

I think the title is for the age group responsible for enjoying these series. Rah rah.

It was mildly entertaining. Steph fucks everything in tight pants or thinks about it. I'm so so not a romance fan. To me it's boredom personified. Not only that but where's the romance in screwing one of her men in a few minutes or less, in cars or in alleys, or whatever. I'm just not into it. Plum doesn't seem much into it either. She has no idea who she likes better Ranger or Morrelli, sound familiar high school girls?
The audience. It's not me.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The BROKER by John Grisham ***

A guy in jail for white collar crimes (stealing information) gets released. The CIA wants to hide him but see who is going to kill him so they know who owns the technology the guy stole. It seems as if EVERYONE on the planet owned the technology cuz they're all trying to kill him. I don't understand that part of the novel. Why are the Israelis trying to kill him? Or the Russians? I don't get it. In any case you are reading about his hiding, learning Italian, (someone must have had a nice trip to Italy cuz you get to read all about it) and him almost falling in love I guess.
I wasn't crazy about it. Very dry writing. No courtroom stuff. No lawyer stuff. One guy responsible for the  murder of about 5 other people doesn't get what he deserves. O well.
Not much of a spy novel either. Mostly it's a travelogue of Italy. Have fun reading it kids.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

11/22/63 by Stephen King *****

Well I'm certainly not qualified to say anything but I LOVE S.KING's writing. Therefore, this was an awesome read. It's not just the return in time, how one small thing can change other things it's really about the growth of a man who thought he could simply run back, fix a few things and run to the future and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Playing god isn't on the menu for mere humans.
He really did grow up and I'm glad he found Sadie at the end. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

RIZZO'S FIRE by Lou Manfredo ***

This was an okay library find. I prefer more internal dialogue of the characters though, and more character of the characters.

This was more telling the story and less showing of it. A pair of cops Rizzo and Priscilla are paired to solve a murder of someone in their policing area which is mixed up with a murder in someone else's territory. Rizzo is about to retire so he's all bluster and bullshit while training his new partner Priscilla for street work. Open minded story line having a black female gay cop paired with an Italian family man and the 'man' of course does most of the labor and thinking basically overpowering the story.

While I always enjoy cop stories this one was less details about the murders, blood, method, less forensics and more calling in favors, getting his name in the paper, getting credit for homicides whether they belong to him or not. Fudging the truth to get what he wants and pretty much letting a bitch involved in the murders (not a very well developed character, neither was the killer) get off with a minor felony. The whole time it could have been her that was the killer. Rizzo didn't give that much consideration at all. Just focused on who he chose as the killer, got all the credit he could squeeze out of it and it was over. Not my type of reading to be honest. It didn't seem like a murder mystery to me. It wasn't exactly 'easy' reading. I don't know why. Maybe too much moving around scene to scene, too much over thinking everything. I don't know. He says 'Cil you be bad cop, I'll be badder cop' and when it comes down to it, Cil pretty much was left with nothing to say to the stupid girl who gets off.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

FALLEN by Karin Slaughter ****

Very convoluted long drawn out novel for a very simple plot. There are plenty of female cops involved, you wonder all thru the book what exactly the fuck is going on because there's teenagers, drugs, a drug mule, shootings of multiple people by each other, even. Kidnapping, children be-gotting, I mean wow how can someone come up with so many red herrings throughout an entire novel to be actually telling one simple little story? Got me but here it is.

The kids are all fucked up because mom or dad left them, or they got knocked up at 14 or some other parental nightmare so if you have a teenager you may not want to read about someone else's charming little nail biter.

Anyways, lots of characters in the beginning you have to jump in and get hold of all their names, first and last, relationships who's with whom and why and why do you care. Cops have relationships with each other for years and know the life stories of each other and have people to call whenever they need something. At one point you think one of them is a dirty cop following fake clues but really that's how the entire thing is written. You are mostly confused and keep reading to unravel your confusion. It's a ploy of sorts. That's my take. Find it at the library.