Sunday, April 29, 2012

LAWYER TRAP by R.J.Jagger ***

Great library find with murders, lawyers, investigators. A newish lawyer hooks up with another and a detective to figure out who in their own company is making snuff films. More complicated than that but that's the jist of it.
All I gotta say is the Denver detective is a moron who thinks with his little head instead of the real one. Lots of stuff is going on all along and it's a good story line, well written, not too many people to crowd you out of reading it. I would say that for me unsatisfying ending but otherwise a good read.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ROBOPOCALYPSE by Daniel Wilson *****

Wow what a great story. This writer has an awesome imagination. I loved it from start to finish and hardly could put it down. The premise is a giant computer named Archos buried in the Arctic begins to take over all the computers and equipment containing computers: cars, phones, electric, everything. I believe this takes place in a future containing robots.

There are several "groups"of humans that form to protect each other and rid themselves of the monsters created by Archos. He controls computers to produce other monstrosity computers solely to kill humans. Some other areas like prison camps have robots that add computer parts to humans, like new arms, brains, eyes, and all this is basically controlled by Archos. Also there are some computers who are against Archos and help the humans. Archos is quite the villain.

People band together, their information is collected and they figure out where the brain behind the chaos is and you have to read it to learn any more. It's a very good book, well written with about the maximum amount of people I could cope with. I would buy it, very good book and different from so many other books. This one doesn't make you feel like you've already read it, very original.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

KILL ALEX CROSS by James Patterson ****

There were a few stories going on at the same time. One was about a homeless girl that moved into Alex's house, one was about a terrorist cell bombing or poisoning like the water supply and other seemingly unrelated stuff Alex isn't really part of. Another story was when the presidents 2 kids get kidnapped by someone in their daily lives which Alex actually does something and finds them-I'm trying not to give it all away. All in all I saw no one on Alex's behind trying to kill him so where the hell the title comes from...I am lost. The Russian cell female said she would kill him about the last 10 pages or so.

One terrorist female bitch is still alive, maybe we'll get another book with her in it but since Alex didn't deal with any of that part of the novel I don't know how he'll be involved in the future. Somehow some idiot connected the abduction with the terrorists but then no one informed the reader how that was related. For me these were all little vignettes separate from each other.

Well written, fast read, easy to follow. Not overwhelmed with people. I always like reading Patterson but why am I left wondering WTF is with the title? And what were the terrorist plots about, red herring? Page filler? Seems like nothing to me. But o well. Good library read.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BELOW ZERO by CJ Box ****

Pretty good library reading. Fast paced, you learn to care about most of the characters but the whole thing with Joe Pickett is a series and it's probably best to start at the beginning which I didn't. So you get stuff you're not sure when it happened or how or why. I'm not a big fan of series and referring back but he really doesn't do much referring back so it's ok to start in the middle and go in either direction.
This was about some previous step daughter they're chasing who was kidnapped by some lunatics. One is a "mafia" guy the other his son who pretends he's helping clean up the planet by killing people using too high a carbon footprint. Kinda a weird basis for a book but such is the way of the world.
I thought it was too sappy in some parts, the killers were too mean, nasty and the lead character sends other people out to do stuff taking a back seat to most of the action. My take. It was ok.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I got to page 35 and brought it back to the library. Begins with some ex cop who's addicted to a drug called Flashback. First thing he does is lie to the new client's face about still being addicted. So I don't even like him. Our supposed hero-idiot.
Then we turn the page and are assaulted with teenage assholes. They go on and on and on. Immaturity chatter to the limit. REALLY immature back and forth non-stop.
I really couldn't stand it at all. The book is huge as well, I figured if I can't stand 35 lousy pages of it there's no way I'm gonna finish 550 of them. I'm bound to be irritated, confused and overwhelmed with people's names. So, there ya go. I didn't read it, so no stars.

Friday, April 6, 2012

HALF-PAST DAWN by Richard Doetsch *

Should be labeled fictional-fantasy. The dream in someone's head um....from beyond. This one was a fast reader, but so confusing you have no idea what day it is, never mind what year, or what place, or what anything. All the things a good story is composed of: who, what, when, where and why are all disappeared for your reading enjoyment. That makes it NOT A STORY.
Some of the who's are dead ones, the when is never really a solid answer, where is all over the map and back again, and why is why the hell is this put together pretending it's a story? It ain't.
Hated the flashbacks, Hated the repetitions. Same shit over and over again. Didn't like all the death and destruction. For that matter if they just let the wife die; according to the many little story lines, more than 30 people would still be alive. What is really there and what is not really there?
Good questions grasshopper!
I wanted to read more only because I liked his style of writing IF IT MADE SENSE I may have actually liked it. I didn't like the many many story lines which became confusing-er and confusing-er as pages went on. More than half the time I had no idea WTF was going on or to whom or why. Or if it was real or a dream or vision or drug induced coma.
Personally I didn't like anything about it by the end. Hated it. I was frustrated and fed up with the whole thing. Go twist someone else's nipple. I don't even recommend getting it at the library. Don't touch it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The GAMES by Ted Kosmatka *****

This is pretty good writing, a futuristic tale about a computer-developed competitor for the Olympic Games. These computer developed monsters must be genetically engineered. It's a 'monster' created to compete in a non-human event that kicks off the real Olympic Games. This computer developed a very skillful design that took all its competitors and escaped from the enclosure during a battle. It laid eggs and hid them which then had to be found and as the humans tried to kill the creature and eggs, all power was out everywhere and only a few scientists were left trying to kill it.
It's reminiscent of Ancestor by Scott Sigler. He'd probably enjoy reading this as his genetic concoction is from the same type of misplaced altruism or supposed improvement to human genes or a stretch for a new species.
It was very fast paced story line, not overcrowded with personalities. Some twists and turns with surprises here and there. Good reading.