Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The DEAD DETECTIVE by William Heffernan ****

This was pretty good but there were some trouble areas for me. The detective Harry, was killed along with his brother as a child, by their mom, but he was revived his brother not so lucky. So his mom is in jail. Lots of molesting women in the book. He gets a new female partner Vicky, to handle a murder of a ....guess.....female child molester and she's sort of stupid. She works with another detective and gullibly follows along everything he suggests throughout the novel without her own brain intervening.

One cop, Nick, is suspected as the killer so he supposedly kills someone then types up a suicide note (yeah TYPED) explaining the kid he killed was "onto" him and had a big mouth. Then they find that cop dead by "suicide". So why would he defeat his purposes? He would either have A) killed the kid and continued to evade detection or B) kill himself --but both?? Any cop (Harry/Vicky) believes that fiction is an asshole. Mr. Suicide is found with ONE feather on him. So if a feather pillow was used to suppress the gun shot why not a room full of feathers? HELL one??? ONE? Don't think so. Too unbelievable. Writer should use a feather pillow to suppress a gun shot before writing about it. MESS. A down couch looses 10 feathers a day or so. And just sits there doing nothing. If somebody shot it I think it would be irritated enough to bleed feathers all over the place.

The female cop is on a surveillance of a suspects house (Nick the supposed suicide) beginning at 5am then she leaves her post to pee at 5:30 am. Really? Um....women CAN pee in a jar too if necessary ya know. And why didn't she pee before she came on duty? Somewhere near the end Harry HAD to say what a crappy cop she is. But nope. The surveillance was done with two of his bestest cops and Nick still ends up murdered. Why isn't Harry more pissed, confused, upset, angry? IDK. He should have fired them both. And his boss should have fired HIM.

That's it. Done writing on the margins. Not a bad book otherwise, just don't be too logically minded - ignore the above and it's good for entertainment value.

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