Friday, April 8, 2011


Yuck. Other people attempted to read this, I could tell by the dog ears left in place but once I got past chapter 5 or so no one had continued. This is newish to the library. Lots of internal ramblings that sound like dreams in dreams, the past is rehashed over and over. Written first person and seems to be about this Simby guy, his bad marriage or it's crippling effect on him, or his job or changing his job. Lots of confusion there.

He like almost had an orgasm over finding an email in between spam mails. He reads other people's letters, or stories and everything sounds exactly as if this writer wrote it. Boring and tedious. The ex-wife...boring, Sims...boring, his friend Clive....boring...all sound the same boring reflective tone with non stop boring references to past more boring history. There are just pages and pages of rambling instance covered almost a chapter while Simby is following a GPS. It seems as if all the new tech stuff over impresses Mr. Writer. Yeah...we know about GPS, sim cards, we know about emails and spam, we know we know. Geez. Couldn't continue and the first chance I got to pass the library I ran it in scorching the pavement on my way. It was almost painful.

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