Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HEAVEN's FURY by Stephen Frey ****

Too early to rate but I really like it a lot so far. Reason I'm starting this is cuz these super wealthy people live on the edge of a gorge or something in an otherwise rinky dink town. So Sheriff Summers is in love with one of the wealthy (billionaire) daughters since high school, Cindy. She of course turns up dead in her house after a night of people following her etc. most of which seemed pre-planned by her. What is very puzzling is why don't these rich people have top of the line burglar alarms? Not in this story. So; frightened Cindy answers the door to a gang of murderers? Or a couple of them? No alarm system in sight? WTF? I mean- get the killer around the system, fine with me, but shit, wealthy people have burglar systems....goes without saying. What doesn't fly is not even mentioning anything remotely protective in the house.

People's alibi's remain questionable till the end. How'd daddy miss the killers in his house? How'd he miss his daughter having sex with the husband and the cop? How'd the husband miss it all if he didn't make the drive home until very late? Lots of leftover endings here undealt with.

Ok so I'm finished and I really couldn't put it down, it was a page turner and I had very little idea what direction he was going in chapter to chapter. Twists, turns, surprises and unexpected. So the cop Sheriff Summers has very little respect in town and has always been bullied by Cindy's wealthy daddy. Meantime, we got drug dealers in the woods, a cult involving plenty of townspeople and they murder people selected by someone else in town. I'm not going to give stuff away but the ending was a disappointment for me because I didn't like the stripper and I did like the best friend. So the ending was bass-ackwards for me.

And I wasn't taking notes about who was where when and why didn't so and so trip over the other so and so if they were all pretty much piled on top of each other on the murder nights.
Could use some unraveling and who is running the sheriff's dept now? huh? How'd that all end? Waiting.....

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